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If you like Fantasy/ Sword and Sorcery then you should give this book a read…



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*The final book in the trilogy.*


Douglas Kirk is having a bad week.


Not only are groups of human hunters after him, whole werewolf packs have orders to kill him on sight, forcing him to flee Halifax without identification, money, weapons, or even his phone.

If he wants to survive, he’ll have to evade the killers on his trail, travel across the country to confront the elusive elders, and learn the truth behind the order that made him what he is.

All he has to do is control his insatiable hunger for wereflesh just a little longer…





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“Breeds 3” contains violence and coarse language. Approx. 400 pages, or 126,000 words.

Books in the “Breeds” series:

Breeds (Book 1)

Breeds 2

Breeds 3


Audiobook listeners… no word on when the audio version will be released. All depends on when Podium can get Sean into the studio. Check here for updates in a few months…


PAPERBACK now on sale.



.99 cent “Mountain Man” On Sale Now! Paperback Short Fiction Collection “Bones and Needles” Also On Sale Now!


Here it is, for the folks who wanted copies of my short fiction efforts in paperback. “Bones and Needles” ($13.99) is only available on Amazon and has all four stories from “Cauldron Gristle,” including “The Hospital” which is the first MM story. It also includes “Private Property,” “The Bear That Fell From the Stars,” and “Isosceles Moon.”

So if you’ve already read these in ebook format, no need to pick up this edition… unless you want those stories in print. Then, by all means, please do. 🙂




And, also available for a couple of weeks is “Mountain Man,” on sale for .99 cents. If you like zombie apocalyptic survival horror then this might be for you…


Mountain Man by [Blackmore, Keith C]

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Merging 131 Books One and Two into Single Volume



As of today, I combined book 1 and 2 of the “131 Days” series into one volume.


I did this to make use of promotional sites that wouldn’t accept book 1 of “131 Days” because it was in novella format. Most promo sites don’t advertise 100 page novellas. They prefer longer works. Thus, I’m hoping that the new format will attract new readers to the series.


So, if you were one of the people who purchased book 1 the .99 cent novella…. Amazon has just notified me that you can download the update through their “Manage Your Content and Devices” page.


For a limited time, “131 Days” will be on sale for .99 cents. I do plan to increase the price for the combined volume to $4.99 eventually.


If you already have the other two books, then you’re good… just be aware that the series order will now reflect the changes thus:


Book 1: 131 Days (which now contains part 1 and part 2, previously called “Ten.”)

Book 2: House of Pain

Book 3: Spikes and Edges.


Before I did this, I read book 1 again and corrected a few things, did a little rewriting, and then carried onto book 2 (without rewrites) . Well. I can tell you there’s a noticeable difference in style from those two books and book 3, and for the better. I expect that there’s another change in style from book 3 to 4, but perhaps not as striking.


The work changes. You learn how to do things better, how to get your scenes across without being as wordy, and generally improve upon the craft. I recently went and did a light rewrite of “The Hospital” just to clean up a few things I noticed, and the difference in writing style between that first Mountain Man book to, say, “Well Fed” is eye-popping.


I have a new cover for “The Troll Hunter”–beautiful cover for the book done by James T. Egan of Bookfly Design, which I held onto since August of this year. My intent was to do a light rewrite of that novel as well, to reflect the new cover. Well, when I started it, I soon realized the style was so different to what I’m producing today, that a “light” rewrite would soon become a time consuming endeavor. I’ve decided to upload that new cover, but place the rewrite on the back burner for now. The story isn’t bad one… just rough.


In any case, the nice thing is… the work is improving (subjective, but I think so), and going forward, I hope that I’ll spend less time on rewrites, and more time to getting things right the first time around.


Gonna be interesting when I look back at my books released in 2015-2016 and compare them to the ones in 2020… :).









Breeds 2 audiobook now on sale…


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Audio book covers!


Victoria over at Podium Publishing sent me the updated audiobook covers for Breeds 1 and Emily (also with Podium) let me know that October 11th is the release date for Breeds 2.  Thank you ladies 🙂


Take a look at these snazzy covers:

b1_breeds_2400px-2400px_300dpi b2_breeds_2400px-2400px_300dpi-2





Can’t decide on the cover…



One is with the tagline “The final book in the trilogy.”




And one is without …





Any preferences?



Finishing up the last draft (I hope) of B3 and once that’s done, I’ll get back to the 131 series.






New Release! “Private Property”





One man is a thief.
Another is a carjacker seeking to diversify.
A third cracks heads for the local mob, while the last man is the pack’s appointed leader.
And on a coastline of rugged, natural beauty, where the sea rattles rocky shores, these four criminals have targeted perhaps the easiest, low-risk score of their lawless careers.
A weekend cabin.
Uninhabited. Unguarded.
But soon after descending upon the property, the thieves discover the true, sinister purpose behind the remote getaway. The cabin isn’t a treasure trove of riches waiting to be plundered. Nor is it the easy job they assumed it to be.
It’s bait.


“Private Property” is a horror/crime novella of approx. 30,000 words, or about a hundred pages. Contains violence and coarse language.


On sale at AMAZON (click here or cover pic).


On sale at Barnes and Noble.


On sale at ibooks.


And on sale at Kobo.


Audiobook version of “BREEDS” on sale now…


Podium Publishing has released the audio edition of the werewolf action-horror thriller “Breeds,” with the talented Sean Runnette narrating.

Haven’t heard of Sean?

He’s done most (if not all) of Mark Tufo’s hugely popular “Zombie Fallout” series as well as several other titles of Mark’s.

CLICK Cover or right here…

And the book is Whispersync’d as well. Not sure what that means? If you buy the ebook from Amazon with the Whispersnyc feature, you can then buy the audiobook at a reduced price and become able to switch back and forth between the two versions without ever losing your place. Look for the offer on the product page, under “Read and Listen.”

If you buy a whispersync’d book, you should also be able to purchase the audiobook at a reduced price (usually $2.99 to $3.99), which isn’t a bad deal at all.

Just look at the ebook’s product page, where you would click the “Buy Now with one Click” button, and right below you’ll see the “Add Audible narration to your purchase” check box. Check that and you get both formats.


Two Recent Interviews.



I did a pair of interviews this past week and, due to some tech difficulties with the site, wasn’t able to post the links here. Here they are.


First interview is with Knockinbooks.com.



And the second interview is with Writing.com.


A sincere thank you to Scott and Shannon for reaching out and taking the time to put all this together.