I’ve known Eric of this duo for a while now, and he and Matt are exceptional professionals stepping into the realm of Fantasy publishing. If there is one pair of new writers you should try,make it these guys, and KINGMAKER.   Cover illustration © 2011 by Autumn Zawadzki. Story: In the desert land of Turuna, […]

My Top Action Movies

Was on a page on Yahoo the other day and spotted a guy’s top 100 action movies. Don’t know who he is or what medication he’s on, but I thought that to list 100 “top” action movies was kinda cool–if not a little time consuming. So, before I got into my work here for the […]

Started zombie book yesterday.

And got in a good chunk of work there. Just finished “He-Dog and Balless” on Tuesday after wrangling with my PC here–it didn’t seem to want to save the day’s work for some reason… like a kid shoving back the plate sayin “you can’t make me eat this slop!” Well, I couldn’t. Until I brought […]