Started zombie book yesterday.

And got in a good chunk of work there.

Just finished “He-Dog and Balless” on Tuesday after wrangling with my PC here–it didn’t seem to want to save the day’s work for some reason… like a kid shoving back the plate sayin “you can’t make me eat this slop!”

Well, I couldn’t.

Until I brought in my tech buddies. They’ll make it do anything.

So, after having put down that minor rebellion, I tucked away H&B and thought about what was next.  I had two stories on my plate. The follow-up to  131 Days and the zombie book.

Gladiator rock n rolla… or Undead symphonic  survival.

Since I’m still waiting for folks to let me know how 131 Days is going for them (I got Jim’s vote–thank you kindly–but no one else has contacted me) I decided to go with… yep… zombies.

I’ve been called a zombie freak in the past. I don’t think I am… but I do like the Robinson Crusoe survival feel to most of the more popular stories out there. Not so much the anarchy, but in most cases, where there are zombies, well, there you go. I have been looking to do a zombie story for some time now, and after reading Stephen Knight’s superb “The Gathering Dead” and “Left With The Dead,” I decided now might be the time.

So, yeah, just started the zombie book and it’s on schedule to be finished in late October, depending on my output and my cranky fingers (they don’t like to type–and their spelling’s crap). What is it about? Pick up a copy of  “Cauldron Gristle” and you’ll get your first glimpse into the main character and the world in which he lives, in the short story called “The Hospital.” (It’s got zombie babies.)

Have a good one.









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