Very happy to announce that Podium Publishing will be producing the audio editions of “131 Days” and they’ve cast John Lee (you’ll know him from “Pillars of the Earth” and “Spellmonger”) to narrate. That’s John Lee! The man’s a legend! Very much looking forward to hearing what he does with the material. Podium expects the first book sometime before Christmas, with the rest of the books in the production pipeline. Just keep checking back for updates around that time.


Keith C Blackmore - 131 Days book cover



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  1. Danny

    Awesome can’t wait. Love all your books and on top of that you have had runnette and Bray reading your work and now John Lee. I appreciate all your books thanks

  2. S.L.

    With the 131 Days Omnibus out, will there be an audiobook omnibus (similar to the Mountain Man Omnibus)? Thanks.

    1. Keith

      No plans yet, but I’ll pass that on to Podium… Not a bad idea.

    2. Keith

      Just heard back and…. no. Sorry. Podium tells me there are no plans to bundle the audiobooks that are already on Audible.

      Thanks for asking, all the same.

  3. S.L.

    Thanks for asking, Keith! Knowing that, I’ll go for the individual audiobooks, then. The premise is awesome, and I’m looking forward to enjoying them in the same (unexpected) manner as the Mountain Man books. Keep up the great writing, and we’ll keep buying!

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