The Hospital is now free… until forever!

THE HOSPITAL is now free on Amazon.


It’s free on Kobo.


It’s free on Barnes and Noble and maybe even iBooks. Just keep checking.


Why is this free? Well, Podium Publishing made the Hospital free as an audio download and it looked kinda silly having the short story priced at .99 cents in ebook but zip in audio format. So there you go.


For the record, I don’t like to make my books free. If you see them free, it’s rare. Why am I reluctant? Other writers have made their first books free, usually the first in a series, and they’ve done quite well with the promo. I’ve said before I feel my books are already discounted as far as I can comfortably make them, and I just can’t get pass that mental barrier of just giving a book away, not after all the work I’ve put into it.


Maybe I will someday, when my books are selling in the hundreds every day, or when I absolutely have to make that jump… but not right now.


So if you like short horror stories (or know someone who does) download it and give it a shot. No harm no foul, and if you like it, well, there are three more full length books in the series with a fourth book being worked upon.


As for MM4, still working on it. It’s a monster.


Other things are in development as well, but I won’t comment on them just now, staying focused on MM4.


“Breeds” (Amazon; Kobo; Barnes and Noble) continues to sell steady, about 10-20 copies a day.


The Podium Publishing audio version of The Hospital and Mountain Man continue to do well–even got an email from James (publisher) informing me that the Hospital rose to the top of the charts in Horror fiction, which is nice (the short story is free). It’s currently at around the #3 mark, with Stephen King’s upcoming pre-release now at number one. Still no word on when book 2 of MM will be released by Podium and just to let you know, I have no input on when they might be released.


Keep checking back here every month or so for updates. When I know, I’ll let you know.


And book 3 of 131 Days has been with the editor for a week now. Still a ways to go before a final product, but I’m hoping for a summer release, maybe around the end of June.


Right now, I’m going to take inventory of what’s to come, by genre, once MM4 is done. I’m not sure if the next book will be horror or fantasy, but since the horror is outselling the fantasy line (unless the next 131 book changes the trend) I’m leaning towards that.




Breeds 2 (“Breeds” is a stand alone book, but I have a second story in mind.)


Private Property


Ripped (tentative title–unofficial ‘not quite’ follow up to “The Missing Boatman.”)


Untitled horror project (just got the concept in mind and nothing else.)





Continuation of 131 Days (number of books, unknown right now.)


White Sands, Red Steel 2 (still having trouble with this one, so it keeps getting pushed back.)


Troll Hunter 2 (the first book is a stand alone, but I have a story in mind for a follow-up.)


Untitled stand alone books (2 or 3 or these, set in the same fantasy world as all the others. Different characters, although  events in the earlier stories might influence these books.)


There’s also the story of Rige–the guardian of He-Dog and Balless (White Sands, Red Steel) which could be developed into a 1-3 books, but I’m shying away from these until at least book 2 of WSRS is finally done.


So a lot of material to work on, which is nice, and while those books are being written, any new idea that comes along gets stashed away for potential development. If both genres start selling, I figure I have about three years of stories in me, which is wonderful.



Have a good one….




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  1. Jacquelin Powers

    For some reason this book got downloaded to my Audible account, I was going to listen to it cause it was free and on there and why not? Now, after reading this… I’m definitely not going to read it and I’m going to call Audible and ask them to remove it from my account. But good luck getting people to read books you’ve written, when you can’t get them to read your free books.

    1. Keith

      Hmmm, well, if I could somehow manipulate Audible to slip my books into people’s accounts, I think I’d be living somewhere on my own island in the Caribbean right now. Regardless, yes, contact Audible, let them know the problem, and go from there. Ask for a refund even.


  2. Al E.

    Well, not every book is for everyone, but, I’ve really enjoyed the entire “Mountain Man” series. I hope to see a Book 6, and beyond. Thanks, Keith!!

    1. Keith

      Just finishing up on the second pass for MM6 now…. but editing still left to go.

      1. Al E.

        I just have to remember…it’s well worth the wait ūüôā

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