Sales Getting Better…

For the month of March. The Troll Hunter–– Nine No Experience Necessary— Eight The Missing Boatman—Twenty-Two The Bear That Fell From The Stars––Twenty-Two Flight of the Cookie Dough Mansion–– Zero  (pah!)   For the total of 61. Not bad. The .99 obviously was a factor in the spurt for Boatman, but not for Troll Hunter, […]

Now for something completely different…

Big trouble’s brewing.  And I only just realized this a few weeks ago, but I wondered if I should post it on my blog or not. Then I thought, what the hell––it’s my blog. Anyway, there’s a crisis approaching our youngsters. It’s not a financial, nor natural. It’s not work related, and it’s not health, […]

Month’s almost done!

And sales picked up nicely–not enough to live on, mind you, but I still have until August’s checkpoint–which is when I’ll know if I can continue on for another 6 months or close up shop and get a “real” job. But so far, sales are slowly improving (I’ll tell you the exact numbers next week). […]

Guest Author, Jason G Anderson and “The Outsider”

Today Jason G Anderson is here talking about his short story “The Outsider.” Jason and I share a lot of similar tastes in book, TV shows, movies, and games. When I heard he was writing a story set in a post-apocalyptic world, I was there! I can’t get enough of stories like that, and Jason […]

SF Novella: “The Bear That Fell From The Stars”

Released on Tuesday of this week, and so far has sold a modest eight copies. I’ve started contacting folks with blogs and asked to place a promotion blurb on each on, which I’ll list here:—“the-bear-that-fell-from-the-stars”/   So if you have time,  click on over to any of these indie authors’ sites, and […]

Guest Author, Joel Arnold

Before I sat down to write my novel Northwoods Deep, I’d come to the realization that not much scared me anymore, at least in terms of horror fiction. Don’t get me wrong. I love the genre. Always have and always will. But while horror fiction could thrill and excite me, it rarely scared me. I […]

Guest Author, Sarah Woodbury

Heroic Fantasy in Dark Age Wales   He is a king, a warrior, the last hope of his people—and the chosen one of the *sidhe* . . . Writing heroic fantasy set in Dark Age Wales combines the need for research that goes beyond the world building of mainstream fantasy, but carries with it similar […]

Home Again

  Just recently made the nineteen hour flight back from Korea to Newfoundland, not including the nine hours spent in airports waiting on me duff. I can’t really sleep while sitting, so it was especially torturous after the eighteen hour mark, then everything just got fuzzy. Anyway, for the month of Feb, sales were: The […]