Sales Getting Better…

For the month of March.

The Troll Hunter–– Nine

No Experience Necessary— Eight

The Missing Boatman—Twenty-Two

The Bear That Fell From The Stars––Twenty-Two

Flight of the Cookie Dough Mansion–– Zero  (pah!)


For the total of 61. Not bad. The .99 obviously was a factor in the spurt for Boatman, but not for Troll Hunter, I’ll change TH back to 2.99.

“Bear” was always intended to  be .99 and will remain  unchanged.

Looking at some other indie authors, I noticed that some experienced a dip before gaining traction in sales. Hope February was my dip. And if not, I’ll just keep working it.  Four months left to August.

Also, I’ve finished the first drafts of two of the three short stories I’m going to put into Cauldron Gristle. I have the cover here…


Whaddya think?

The stories thus far are called “Eat,” and  “The Hospital.” I think I’ve mentioned I’m going to place “Ye Olde Fishing Hole” in there as well, as a bonus. I’m not sure what the other one will be. I have one called “Gates” here, dealing with a student’s insane research in finding the gateway to hell… but I’m also think about placing in one of my earlier works in there. I’ll have to think on it.

Other than that, if you like Fantasy flicks and like Nicholas Cage, you might want to check out “Season of The Witch.” I’ve strayed away from Nick Cage movies recently, mostly cuz I think he’s letting his agents pick the scripts for him––going down the road Anthony Hopkins has gone. Anyway, it was a Sunday afternoon and I figured I’d give Nick the chance. It was predictable, you can pretty much guess who’s going to buy the farm , but I hung in there, and the last twenty five minutes weren’t bad at all. Not bad at all. I liked it anyway.

I’m gone.

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