As I announced in the News section, Hellifax (Mountain Man Book 3) is finished. Summer release has been delayed though, as I’m a little tired of working on zombie books right now–but I expect a Christmas release. Check back in November on for updates. A reader asked me, why didn’t you tell the story of […]

Pure Escapism– The Spear of Destiny

I first read Jason’s Sword and Sorcery collection “In Savage Lands” and I knew then that Robert E Howard himself would be pleased. I waited for a full fantasy novel then, watched the listings, and finally decided to purchase “The Spear of Destiny” to tie me over until Jason could get to and complete what […]

Like Mysteries?

My buddy SJ Parkinson has just released his ebook, The Legionnaire: Mask of the Pharaoh Here’s the blurb: The golden burial mask of Tutankhamun was the most famous archaeological discovery of the 20th century. When it is stolen from the guarded hold of a cargo ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the impact […]