As I announced in the News section, Hellifax (Mountain Man Book 3) is finished. Summer release has been delayed though, as I’m a little tired of working on zombie books right now–but I expect a Christmas release. Check back in November on for updates.

A reader asked me, why didn’t you tell the story of Gus’s encounter with the nurse? Just in case you guys missed it, “The Hospital” (found in the short story collection Cauldron Gristle) is that very story. It’s the last story in the novella, and I like it.

Just started work on the follow up to 131 Days (if’n you like gladiator stories) and about 6,000 words in. Starts on the night of Day 4, with the boys in a bar. Curge is in another part of the city and is quite pissed with the day’s events. And Pig Knot fights the next morning. That’s where I am. I outlined the story for this one, and I’m using the model of execution used by George RR Martin in the telling. Thing is, there are a lot of characters I could put into the book, but that would just make it massive… Right now, I’m concentrating on the characters introduced in 131 Days (the novella)  as well as a few select new ones. As I’ve said, I’m taking note of what Martin did/is doing with his series (you know the one) and, in particular, I’m paying attention to everything I disliked. Particularly in Books 4 and 5. I know what not to do, but whether or not you guys like what I’m going to do… well, that’s the question.

Stay tuned. And be well.



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  1. Miguel

    Hi keith,

    About time we get back to the Gladiators!

    Good job. I will be waiting, eagerly!



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