A few projects in the works for 2011. Just to let you know now what they are.

1.       Not A Bard’s Song.  The first novel I wrote is still pretty good in concept, but a little dated in execution. So, I’ll be going over it and tweaking it for a 2011 release.

2.       Not Another Bard’s Song. This one needs tweaking as well, but not so much as NABS. I always felt this one was faster, better paced, and stronger that the first, but because it’s the sequel, I had to hold off on releasing it. Once done, I think I’ll offer both to a publishing company I know of,  who were interested in some of my previous work, and let them decide if they are books they are interested in. If not, I’ll self publish.

3.       He-Dog and Balless. This is the third novel to come out in 2011, and my (counts fingers) sixth book. This one is very action oriented, since some people tell me that’s my strength.

4.       Short Novella—The details are sketchy now—okay they aren’t really, I just don’t want to tell you. I’m going to release this one as a stand alone as part of a strategy to increase my web presence and readership. A short inexpensive read that will hopefully attract people to my other work. I’m learning that short stories and novellas may very well be the key to success in self publishing.

5.       Short Story collection—A .99 book filled with possibly 3 short stories (maybe a bonus story as well) hopefully following a theme of some sort, and put out there with the same idea as the novella. Tentatively entitled “Cauldron Gristle.”

6.        There is a another book on the shelf, a short but bloody fantasy novel  called The Master of Dogs, which will probably come along after He-Dog and Balless and the others. So figure on this one being very late 2011, if not 2012.

7.       The Mountain Man, new horror—really looking forward to starting this one. I’ll only begin once the others are done and out there. Sort of my reward.

8.       A Vampire story. This one, if it gets done, will be the third horror book I have in mind. I have no idea when it’ll get done except… after all the rest.

9.       A gladiator series. Yup. I like the concept of this one but whether or not I get it done, or when I can get it done, is the question.

Getting into 2012 after that and I can’t look ahead that far. There are ideas in my head, sequels for books, short stories, and new books, but they are all in idea phase and that’s it. I have a comic book version of He-Dog and Balless, and I was thinking about re-submitting that to some companies, but now I like the novelization better.

Looking at the list now, it seems I’ll have a full tank of gas for about a year and after that… who knows. If successful in this new career, hopefully I’ll come up with something new.

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