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  1. Caryn McCarthy

    Just a quick note to say thanks. “Missing Boatman” was…an experience. I just wrote an Amazon review (which I never do) but wanted to reach out to you directly in case you don’t read those. I LOVED that book. For so many reasons, both highbrow and low. Thank you for a solid seven hours of enjoyment, plus an altered perspective on life and death. After witnessing my dad’s prolonged suffering and ultimate death…it was kind of cathartic. You didn’t go too purple, so I won’t either, but…you told the story just right. Thank you.
    ‚̧Caryn, in Texas

    1. Keith

      Thank you for reading–and taking the time to write and leaving a review ūüôā Very much appreciated Caryn. All the best…

  2. Tony

    I have to say Keith I’m really digging your writing. I usually do not do this and write “reviews” but I have to say your material takes priority when it’s available and I have time on the road to embark into the worlds you have make

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