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After the apocalypse, the world’s most valuable resource… is the people that remain.

And the knowledge and skills they possess.

On the island of Big Tancook, Collie Jones is making plans. She informs the islanders that it’s time to resume her original mission—to find other survivors, screen them, and return them to the island. Every survivor she brings back is one more valuable addition to the skill and gene pool.

But first, she must return to the place whence she came.

She must secure the elaborate government bunker called Whitecap and its vast stores of munitions within.

With a small group accompanying her—including Gus Berry, the Mountain Man—the islanders will once again return to the mainland and confront a new enemy.

An enemy who has the very same goal of locating survivors, but for a different purpose:

To build an empire.



Make Me King” (Mountain Man Book 5) contains coarse language and violence. Approx. 295 pages, or 102,193 words.

Complete Series order:

Mountain Man: Prequel

“The Hospital” (free short story)

Book 1: Mountain Man

Book 2: Safari

Book 3: Hellifax

Book 4: Well Fed

Book 5: Make Me King


The Hospital (a single short story, also part of the collection “Cauldron Gristle.”


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  1. Matthew Coppins

    Whoop whoop!! I had no idea! Glad you have more zombie stories to tell because no one does it better. Thank you!

    1. Keith

      Hope you like the book…

      1. Leah

        Love the stories Keith. I just found out this book was out.

      2. Andre

        When is 6 releasing?

        1. Keith

          Book 6 of MM? Ebook might around Halloween–audio should be early in 2021 if there are no hitches. Paperback should be a month after the ebook.

  2. Brent

    Awsome gus is back
    The series gets better really appreciate your storytelling great characters great storyline.thanks keith.

    1. Keith

      Thank you Brent, for taking a chance on the books. Glad you enjoyed the story. 🙂

  3. James

    Keith, thanks for this. I loved the Mountain Man series on Audible. I later bought all of the print books for my teenage son to read, and he devoured them like a hungry zombie! He even noted you as one of his favorite authors in a report, right beside King and Clancy. Are you going to make a print on demand version for this one, or am I buying the kid a Kindle?

    1. Keith

      🙂 A kindle might be the way to go… but, there will be a print copy. Just waiting on a few corrections and then Amazon will ship me a proof copy, whereupon I’ll do quality control before giving the okay to start selling the paperback. It’ll take a while, maybe even a month, but it’ll be there…

  4. Brian Lee

    Any idea when/if this will be released on Audible?

    1. Keith

      Sorry Brian, no idea. The audio version is all done by Podium Publishing. I haven’t even received word on who’s narrating or when, so an audiobook will probably be at least a few months away, if not a little longer. There is an audio book coming, however, and when I know the details, I’ll announce it here and on FB.

      1. Bill C

        Also looking forward to this, the Mountain Man series rocks! I hope Podium use the same narrator from the all the others, R C Bray. His voice is now Gus’ voice. Glad you released a new book. I was content with where the series ended, Scott and Gus finally reunited and all live happily ever after so to speak but another adventure, why the hell not?!

  5. Michael Beeman

    Great story and ever so glad the Mountain Man series continues!
    Looking forward to seeing more books in the series. I greatly wish to know what events went down in western Canada.

  6. Angela

    I am so excited to see this news! I just finished well fed today and immediately started the prequel. I couldn’t even go one day without Gus in my life. I’ve also added Breeds to my collection and can’t wait to start that series as well.

  7. Matt hitz

    Just noticed MM5 paperback is on Amazon but it’s cover says it’s book 4 and it’s missing Safari on the back cover in the list of previous books.

    1. Keith

      Ah, I’m assuming you haven’t read the paperbacks, but I combined the first 2 ebooks for the paperback. At the time, it seemed like a good idea–folks get the first two books in one complete volume–but now it’s becoming a pain. Folks don’t read the production description explaining that, and it *does* look like a mistake when you switch from the ebook to paperback. Oh well. O.O. I don’t want to split up those first two books either… so…. I’m sorta stuck here.

      1. Matt hitz

        That makes sense. Was worried Amazon was F-ing up your works. I just ordered it. I read the first 2 sample chapters and must have more and couldn’t wait for the audible version. Thanks for explaining!

  8. Luke A

    Why am I just finding out about this? Must start reading!

  9. Naomi

    I just wanted to say I love this series and thanks for writing (and continuing) to write them.

    I’m a 30-something woman from the UK who has never read horror/zombie fiction before but Gus and his gang certainly gripped me from the start. I also don’t often read things twice, but this series has lived up to a second viewing just perfectly.

    Just finished book 5 (or 4 as the case may be!) and wanted to leave you a 5* review for every single book, (as well as doing so on Amazon tonight, too). Thanks!

  10. Kelly Starns

    I’ve been reading books in this genre for a while now. After a long dry spell of not being able to find anything that would peak my interest, or was able to hold my attention long enough to finish the book, I was beginning to wonder if there were any more quality stories left out there that I hadn’t already read. Then I finally stumbled upon Mountain Man. Dry spell broken! I love this series! I have to say that this is one of, if not the best, series in this genre. I’m only halfway through book 5, so I don’t know if there will be more books to follow, but I sure hope there will be. Totally engrossed in the storyline. Highly entertaining and suspenseful! Thank you for the great storytelling!

  11. Nessa

    So, so excited, this is my favorite series on Amazon. So I’m just waiting for it to hit Audible, hoping RC will be narrating. Nobody else will do. Thank you for continuing this awesome series. Also my second favorite series is Breeds. I know you finished it but I hope you would reconsider revisiting it. I never read books twice but Breeds was the exception.

    Thanks again for MM 5.

  12. Dave

    I was surprised to see another book but i am glad, there hasn’t been another writer anywhere near the level Keith is on, I have all his books, outstanding!! Hope it’s on audible soon

  13. Matt hitz

    Awesome addition to the series! I couldn’t put it down and was sad when I finished it but I’m looking forward to the audible version. Thanks again Keith for your works.

  14. Stacey Leonard

    I would just like to say, I loved this series and am now enjoying breeds, I’m looking forward to reading the others also

  15. Adam

    As my latest audiobook nears its end, I trawled my library looking for a preferred next title to accompany me on the long nights transiting the country’s roads. As I scrawled down the library’s list, I noticed the cover of ‘well fed’ had, at some point, changed. Being on an app the image size was too small to see clearly so curiously, off to audible.co.uk I went!
    Upon typing ‘mountain man’ in the search bar, I was somewhat surprised to find a title I didn’t own called ‘Make Me King’
    Hmm must be some mistake I thought, an alternative language release of the same series or work from an entirely different series that happens to share a similar name….
    By: Keith C. Blackmore – oh, same author
    Narrated by: R.C. Bray – ok, same narrator
    Series: Mountain Man, Book 5 – “HOLY &£@#!!!!”
    After the closure of ‘well fed’ I never expected to once more journey into the world of the mountain man, containing characters that I liked, empathised, laughed at and ultimately came to fall in love with as the series progressed.
    Thank you for giving us a chance to partake in the next chapter of their saga. It may be another month till it is released in audio format, but I relish its release like a gimp does human flesh!!!
    Many thanks Keith

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