Have Yourselves…

A very Merry Christmas. Work progresses on “The Bear That Fell From The Stars,” and I should be done by this weekend. The first draft anyway. Also, on Tuesday, I released… Which can be found here www.amazon.com/Flight-Cookie-Dough-Mansion-ebook/dp/B004GNFT9Y And has been well received thus far. I’ll give out numbers at the end of the month–A practice […]

Christmas Sale!

Yes, dammit a Christmas sale. Spread the merriment. And I’ll tell you why… I got another review the other day, from a guy name Eric–if you are reading this Eric, thank you very much for your generous rating and comments–it’s all very much appreciated. I noticed what you said about the product description, and I […]

New Review!

Woke up this morning and I was actually wondering what to write about in the blog. Nothing had changed since last week, and with Christmas just around the corner (and my 2.5 week holiday vacation) I was gearing up for working on some of the projects I had mentioned last week. But then I checked […]


A few projects in the works for 2011. Just to let you know now what they are. 1.       Not A Bard’s Song.  The first novel I wrote is still pretty good in concept, but a little dated in execution. So, I’ll be going over it and tweaking it for a 2011 release. 2.       Not Another […]