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Mountain Man Merchandise now on Sale!

  You asked for it, and Podium Audio thought it was a good idea!   Head on over to their in-house store and take a gander at the custom designed t-shirts as well as sweat socks (for those unexpected emergencies). Eh? Ehhhhh?

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UPDATE:… Mountain Man 6: “Mindless”

  Just a quick one. So I wrote this the other day…   The End.     There you go. First draft finally done. MM6 “Mindless” is over 135,000 words, which makes it a little shy of MM4’s length. That total will

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It’s Official….

  Don’t ask me how…   Or when…   Or who (because I don’t know who will play the lead)…   But here you go…   ‘Mountain Man’ Author Keith C. Blackmore Teams With Traveling Picture Show Company And Balcony 9 To

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Ebooks No Longer Available Outside of Amazon

  I’m going to make my whole library exclusive to Amazon for the next 3 months, starting around November 1st.  My books will not be available anywhere else outside of Amazon (with the exception of “The Missing Boatman” which is controlled by

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