White Sands, Red Steel

Keith C Blackmore - White Sands Red Steel book cover

Keith C. Blackmore


And those are their good points.

Vicious. Hateful. Foul-mouthed and bad tempered… He-Dog and Balless are all of these and more but, as mercenaries go, they are not without some merit. After accepting a mission that no one wanted, He-Dog and Balless travel the treacherous Lands of the South to the glittering city of Foust. There, they find the fabled walls under a massive Beastman siege.

No one in their right mind would try to get past an army of Beastmen. But He-Dog, Balless, and their companions aren’t in their right minds.

Getting into Foust is utter madness. Getting out will get them killed.

Approx. 305 pages.

“Action is descriptive, bloody and fast with great fight scenes and a sense of realism that is quite mesmerizing. I seriously couldn’t put this book down…”