White Sands, Red Steel (new release)

  Now available on Amazon.   Mad. Brutal. Unpredictable. And those are their good points. Vicious. Hateful. Foul-mouthed and bad tempered… He-Dog and Balless are all of these and more but, as mercenaries go, they are not without some merit. After accepting a mission that no one wanted, He-Dog and Balless travel the treacherous Lands […]

Just Shovelin’ Along

Friday morning here and I’ve got shovelin’ to do. Low pressure system dumped about 10 cm of wet snow on the back deck, around the car, and the driveway. “What’s that got to do with anything,” you might be asking. Well, I tell ya, it’s hard writing about zombies or gladiators or anything when you’re […]