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The Thing 2011

Just saw the recent version of “The Thing,” the prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter  classic of the same title. I was impressed. Yeah, I was. Just my thoughts though, so take them as one guy’s opinion. The production of this flick stayed true to the ambiance of the 1982 version, and the special effects […]

The Walking Dead episodes 4 and 5

It’s getting better. Stop now if you haven’t seen the latest episode. You stopped? Alright, if you’re still here and you haven’t seen this week’s installment, then you’re okay with the rest of the discussion. First, the things I don’t like. I missed posting last week but I saw that episode and thought “Glenn and […]

Conan 2011

So I just watched Conan 2011. Now, even when I first heard they were making a new Conan movie, I was pretty much filled with a wary sense of anticipation. Hoping, that maybe–MAYBE–they would do the books justice–that they would do the John Milius movie justice. Nope. From the first few minutes of Morgan Freeman’s […]