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Weapons and armor.

And—any toilet paper he can find.


It’s been a rough time for Gus Berry.

He barely survived the city of Annapolis as its population underwent a violent transformation, leaving everyone he knew or loved either dead, or undead.

Things aren’t much better now, though. In fact, things might have become much worse.

Living off the land, foraging for food, water, even medicine, and being able to adapt to a changing environment… all takes a special individual, with an exceptional skill set and determination to survive.

Gus Berry is not that individual.

He needs food. Booze. Weapons and armor. He needs clothing that fits, and, above all… he needs toilet paper. Preferably two-ply.

To get any of that requires him to do the one thing he can’t face doing, and that’s leaving his modern mountain fortress and returning to Annapolis, to the horrors that roam the streets, searching for the living.

To make matters worse, winter looms, and he must get those much-needed supplies before the snow piles high and blocks the roads.

Where Gus’s only concern, then, is maintaining his sanity.


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A second prequel novel to the “Mountain Man” survival horror zombie series. Contains violence and coarse language. Approx. 112,000 words, or roughly 340 pages.

Series order:

Mountain Man: Prequel

Mountain Man: 2nd Prequel: Them Early Days

“The Hospital” (free short story on audio)

Mountain Man (book 1)

Safari (book 2)

Hellifax (book 3)

Well Fed (book 4)

Make Me King (book 5)

Mindless (book 6)


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  1. Sean

    Awesome! Will be getting the book and audiobook.

  2. Francisco

    Thanks Keith, me and my boy can’t wait for the 2nd prequel. We’re just finishing up Mindless.

  3. Brent

    Happy days,gus is back love the series.looking forward to more adventures more laughs more gus.

  4. Jeremy

    Outstanding. I look forward to the read.

  5. Lily

    Looking forward to the 2nd MM Prequel. I had the sads at the end of Mindless so it will be good to travel with Gus again as he risks his life for his favorite item: 2 ply toilet paper. (:

    You cannot imagine how excited I am Breeds will have another book, maybe even two, OMG. I love this series so much. Thank you Keith!

    You know I’m re-reading Mindless (the unbelievably great Mountain man 6th book) and it just occurred to me that Collie is very much like Karma. Absolutely bad azzes.( salute to Aliens, lol) I love the way you write strong female leads!

  6. Jeff

    Excellent! I miss the early days of G3 (Gus, guns, giggles) and the wife wondering what the hell I’m laughing at…purchased and marked on my calendar. Thanks for your work and contributions to the word, Keith!

  7. Jason

    Keith, you deliver yet again, thank you sir! Mountain Man is my favorite series, and I see that R.C. Bray will be narrating the Audible version again. R.C. has the perfect voice for this series, can’t wait.

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