Mountain Man… Safari

Or Mountain Man 2,  if you will.

Just finished my work for the day, and ended on page 140 of what MS Word tells me is a 248 page book.  I’m going over the first draft of the manuscript and there might be a few extra pages to be added, and there might be a few taken out. MM Safari goes to the editor on March 20th, and so I hope for a early May release. It takes time edit a book, go through the thing, and then wait for the proofreaders to go through it.

Also, in case you haven’t heard, this one will be all on Gus. Scott won’t be making an appearance. Scott will get his own story, which will follow MM2. Gus is pretty much on his own in the second book, and his story is finished at the end. I mentioned it before–MM was originally intended as one big book, but as Christmas 2011 approached, and I needed the cash, I decided to put the first half out there to generate the funds I needed to get number two out. I’m happy to say this plan worked, and I should be writing well into the summer (well, as long as my rent doesn’t go up). It’s still touch and go–any one of these books coming out might not be well liked by you guys, and that would pretty much sink my boat and hopes for a writing career. For now, however, things are a little more solid, a little more secure, and for that, I thank you–you folks who bought the book, read it, who sometimes left a very flattering review, and in some cases told your friends. Can’t say how much I appreciate it. Y’saved my bacon.

I do have some bad news.

Like I mentioned in earlier posts. I’m mostly a fantasy writer but with a few horror tales to tell. I have a Vampire story in mind, as well as a Werewolf one, but after that, it gets sketchy. Now, I have plenty of heroic fantasy stories to tell, but the people who’ve enjoyed my horror fiction might not like that. I can only tell both audiences that I try to be fair to both, but the heroic fantasy readers will have more to read from me in the long run. And after MM3 (Scott’s story), I have a few fantasy books that are in need of a Part 2. They will take precedence.

That might change though. I do have a few horror short stories that might get bundled into a collection much like “Cauldron Gristle,” and by then, an idea  for a much longer novel might certainly take root.

Then again, the next few books might not sell at all, which would take care of a lot of my “ifs.”

Have a good weekend (and check out the writers in my blog roll there, as well as books featured in older posts).







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  1. john

    can’t wait for the MM continuations. just finished cauldron – great stuff as usual. some of it very lovecraftian without imitation.

  2. SkulliWulli

    I just finished MM and loved it! It’s been a long time since I read a story and honestly liked the characters. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next MM books! I’ll be sure to write a review and recommend it to my friends on Facebook and pinterest.

  3. mover22

    Love MM, keep em coming

  4. Millicent mcclellan

    Thank you for writing such engrossing stories! I’ve no problem adding you to my top 5 fav authors!

  5. 330th

    just finished mountain man. very good and looking forward to next books in the series.

  6. Slet Varthash

    Enjoyed Mountain Man vry much. Felt the ending was too abrupt, but now I know there are more MM’s coming. I very much like the mystery of the disappearing dead-heads. Where are they going ? Why ? All in all a well written book. Very very few mis-spellings (auto-correct type stuff). The characters seemed plausible and not too over-the-top. I knew something was going on with the female character, and you led into her part(s) quite nicely. Not interested in sex parts in books such as these, and you did well keeping it to an appropriate minimum. The weapons parts were good although I find it hard to believe Canada has that much private ownership of firearms. Maybe I’m wrong. Still and all, I like how neither of these guys were firearms “experts”; they’re just regular guys surviving as best they can. All in all worth the money. Most assuredly I’ll recommend to friends. Keep up the good work.

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