Update on “Well Fed”

Sorry everyone but looks like I spoke too soon.
The editing is going a little slower than I expected and as of right now, I don’t think MM4 will be released in October.
I had hoped the book would be available the week of Halloween, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen right now. Once the editing stage is finished, there are three proofreading passes to be made and I expect each one to take at least a week.
So when will the book be released?
I’m hesitant to say, but maybe the first half of November.
Check back in the last week of October and I should have a better idea then.

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  1. Travis

    Can’t wait!

  2. Forensica

    We appreciate the warning about the change in release date. We regret the delay but your books have been worth waiting for. My husband and I are currently listening to “Hellifax” again, at this rate we may know the book word perfect before we get to buy “Well Fed”.

    We are enjoying this series so we are glad you are willing to endure the publishing process, you must admit after surviving four and a half book releases, dealing with giant zombie rats seem like a breeze. Just imagine hoards of zombie agents, editors and publishers roaming the streets! Eek!

    I am a retired AV librarian and it is wonderful when a great series is combined by the right narrator, it always kept my patrons asking for more. Your choice of Mr. Bray as narrator was a excellent choice for the Mountain Man characters and storyline. Thank you for deciding to stick with him!

    We are looking forward reading more of your works in the future. Thank you for choosing to share The Mountain Man books and novella with us! Since your publisher couldn’t release the new book in time for Halloween… how about next Halloween? Maybe just a yearly Halloween novella? Just think, twenty years from now you can throw the MM novella’s together and call them something like “A Few Days From the Mountain Man (and Friends)Journal” LOL. Just a fan’s wishful thinking. ūüôā

    Thanks again, we have our eyes and fingers crossed for a quick smooth editing and release.

    Sincerely fans,

    The Myers

    1. Keith

      Podium did a wonderful job with selecting RC Bray as narrator. A yearly Halloween novella isn’t a bad idea–the only trouble is coming up with a story interesting enough to write. There’s just so much out there in zombie fiction.

      Have a good day…

  3. José G

    Will the audio book be out near the release? I have trouble reading and I’m so excited. Love your writing sir!

    1. Keith

      No, sorry Jose–the ebook will be available the earliest, then the paperback. I think the audio book will go into production in March, 2015. It’ll be a little later as Podium has to wait for RC Bray to narrate and he’s become quite popular these days. I’d say check this site for updates around February.

  4. matt

    There are a lot of Zombie books out there, but none that I actually look forward to reading like your Mountain Man series. The zombie stories I have read since reading your first MM book have not really grabbed my attention. I admit I was never interested in zombie books until I read MM. Your books have provided me with hours of entertainment, and now I am introducing my oldest boy to your work. My youngest boy still likes me to read him the Cookie Dough Mansion. Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to many more stories to come.

  5. Ken

    Cant wait for MM4!

  6. Galen Fries

    Man, I loved MM4, as well as the three books that came before it. Effin Jerry?! That sh*t was priceless. Using the foppish Captain like Tom Hank’s Wilson was brilliant. I hate to admit to how well I related to Gus having referred to Jim Beam as the Colonial for many years now myself. He’s an old army buddy of mine, ya see. He helps me through, much like the Captain did for Gus, pouring sunshine on my day and making things just a little brighter.

    I work a hour and a half from home and finding the Audible app for my phone was a life saver. Friends tell me that I can find apps that allow me to listen to stories for free but I am very, Very willing to pay you and Mr. Bray for the fantastic work you guys do.

    Thank you for making my commute actually enjoyable. I get in my truck looking forward to spending an hour and a half in Seattle traffic with you and R. C. Bray.
    Galen Fries

    1. Keith

      Glad to hear the books worked for you, Galen. Thanks for listening and taking the time to write. I’m getting a lot of email and notes from folks like yourself who listen to audio while on the go. I’ll have to try it myself :). All the best…

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