Getting Closer

Okay. So, I’ve been trying to learn the basics here, and pretty much convinced myself that I might be better off leaving it to the professionals. Trouble is… I’m a right stubborn bastahd.

I managed to place a link–my first link–to Kate’s website on my blog page here. Trouble happened when I tried to rearrange the order of the sidebar, and all manner of adventures ensued. Two frustrating hours later, I was actually considering taking up batting practice with my keyboard. I finally decided to call in the professionals—Diane and Sarah to get things righted again. Thank you ladies.

And I’ve decided to write this in WORD first before posting. So, hopefully I’m learning here.

A word about the lady in the sidebar.  I “met”  Kate at the Harper Collins site which hosts a plethora of genre writers hoping to catch the eye of an editor or agent. I recommend it for any writer thinking about their career because people will read your stuff, and they will comment honestly on your work, in return for you reading and critiquing theirs.

Critical and thoughtful feedback is like gold dust (to quote Katrina) and she was one of the thoughtful  readers that went over what I had posted there and offered her insightful opinions. Two people actually read and fully critiqued “The Troll Hunter” and Katrina was one of them. The other lady is actually my long time friend (and thought of as sister) Gail Crouse, who looked at the first draft a long, loooong time ago and also helped me tons. (Gail also read two other books of mine, and I can’t thank her enough for being there when I needed a test reader. I’ll probably just buy her the latest copy of Civilization or any other PC game she has a hankering for.)

Kate was the last reader before publishing the ebook. I felt that her comments really polished the final draft, and for that, I’m exceptionally grateful.  She is a writer herself and working on an urban fantasy tale entitled “Midnight Days” which, if you are a Charles De Lint fan, I think you should hope to be completed soon (visit her site and nag her) and picked up by a publisher. Kate is a consummate crafter of tension, action, characters, and dreams.  I have a feeling I will be able to say one day, “Yes, Kate A. Jack read my work and critiqued it.”

It’s a pleasant thought. I can use it to advertise my other work.

So visit her, and say hello.

Gail, Unfortunately, doesn’t have a website, but if you need a skilled professional to drill a deep oil well for you… I can hook you up.

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