“131 Days” (Book 1) AUDIOBOOK is NOW ON SALE…


With John Lee (“Pillars of the Earth,” “SpellMonger”) narrating.


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Once every year, in the city of Sunja, gladiators meet within the arena known as Sunja’s Pit. Some men enter for the lure of fortune, some for the fame, and some simply for the fight. The games continue for days until a champion is finally crowned. Or until all involved perish.

Four companions struggle to change their lives in and out of the arena as it becomes clear that to be a Free Trained pit fighter is to live with a mark on one’s head. And not everyone is pleased to learn of their plans, as the four warriors soon discover that the path to establishing a formal presence in the games, after the season has started, is infinitely more difficult than expected. All the while, unseen forces watch, waiting for the best time to strike at the companions and take everything that they have.

This is blood sport at its finest.

At its worst.

At its longest.


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  1. Brian Herbst

    I was so excited to see more of your work show up on audible. Your books are so much fun and your characters so entertaining I can’t get enough. I first read the mountain man series. Then the Missing Boatman which is one of my new favorites. I just finished 131 days and it’s such a great story. Do you have any idea when and if the rest of the 131 days series will be available on audibles? I’m a new fan that was searching for some great new books that you have certainly given me. Thanks so much! I look forward to discovering more of you work

    1. Keith

      I think Podium is planning to get the the audio versions of “131 Days” out there much faster than I did with the ebooks. Maybe even every two months? Not sure, and schedules can always change. Audio is a different format and I’m not really sure all of the steps involved in production. Just keep checking back here. And thanks for reading/listening :).

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