Strange doesn’t begin how to describe this…

Long Horn, Big Shaggy

This is my first Steve Vernon story, and I finished it thinking “What did I just read?”

But I know I liked it.

I’m no reviewer, but I know what clicks. In this weird west tale of undead buffalo hunters, gunslingers, crawling skulls and floating spirits, I found myself either smiling or chuckling my butt off at not only the situation and the imagery Steve’s concocted in here, but the prose that binds it all together. If this story was in paper, it’d be paper bound in buffalo leather, left in the shiniest spittoon, and marinated in the tobacco juice of the earth.

With peyote sprinkles.

See, I don’t know what I meant by that either, but here’s a whole story full of lines like that, and imagery enough to sit back and just marvel at it all. I think the last writer to make me pause like this was Annie Proulx.

If you grew up with weird war tales, or just strangeness in general, try this novella. If you like a story full of brilliant imagery, told with a voice that rings as clear and distinctive as frozen prairie oysters, then try this novella. If you like mammoth ear wax… *try* this novella.

Still not knowing if you should buy it?

You got more questions than a barrel full of wonder…

Buy it here.





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