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Right here The big thing is getting folks to notice it. So if you like weird tales of folks not dying, stop on by there, and have a look.

Northwoods Deep by Indie author Joel Arnold

So I just read Northwoods Deep And let me say for the record, I’m no reviewer… but I liked this book. There’s strange happenings going on here from the get-go, and Joel wastes no ink acquainting us with two of the main characters. Unfortunately, one of them has a restraining order against the other, not […]

Strange doesn’t begin how to describe this…

Long Horn, Big Shaggy This is my first Steve Vernon story, and I finished it thinking “What did I just read?” But I know I liked it. I’m no reviewer, but I know what clicks. In this weird west tale of undead buffalo hunters, gunslingers, crawling skulls and floating spirits, I found myself either smiling […]

Left With The Dead (A “Gathering Dead” Novella)

Knight is breathing new life into a tired subgenre. What I like about “Left With The Dead” and “The Gathering Dead,” is that there aren’t any stupid characters doing stupid things, where the reader is hoping beyond hope that the zombies get them sooner rather than later. The characters here are well drawn, intelligent, and […]

A New High

June was the ninth month for me as a self-published writer. The titles are picking up, but my best seller for the month was hands down “The Bear That Fell From The Stars.” The Troll Hunter––50 No Experience Necessary— 6 The Missing Boatman—16 Flight of the Cookie Dough Mansion–– 4 Cauldron Gristle–12 The Bear That […]