November’s Almost Done

Well, only a couple of days left so I’d thought I reveal the sales thus far. November Sales: The Troll Hunter–Two. No Experience Necessary—Four. The Missing Boatman—Eighteen. Compared to last month’s sales, all titles have doubled. Not bad. I’ve earned (straightens up) $23.50 in royalties, or about $17 after taxes have been paid. Ah, the […]


Still setting  up reviews as well as trying to  arrange a little advertising. It’s almost the end of the month and the number of sales is… modestly up. I’ll tell you how many in roughly two weeks. I’m happy with the increase, but there is a still a lot to do. Promotion is a constant […]

Another Week

Signed on to this week and I’m setting myself up there.  The Troll Hunter was also featured on book of the day, and I contacted a few more site regarding reviews. Thus far, The Troll Hunter has been disappointing in sales, and I hope that the new cover and ad will do something […]

New Covers and Book Promo

New covers have now been given to “The Troll Hunter” and “The Missing Boatman.”  The cover for THH was inspired by a TerryR (from Kindleboards) and tinkered with by my buddy Mark.   The cover for TMB was done by Diane Whiddon, who is also the creator of the website here. I like the new covers, […]