New Covers and Book Promo

New covers have now been given to “The Troll Hunter” and “The Missing Boatman.”  The cover for THH was inspired by a TerryR (from Kindleboards) and tinkered with by my buddy Mark.   The cover for TMB was done by Diane Whiddon, who is also the creator of the website here. I like the new covers, and I hope they will translate into more sales shortly.

A book promo for TTH (also done by Diane Whiddon) will be uploaded shortly to youtube, as well as this site. Take a look here

With the new month of November, some changes have come along and I hope for the best.  The freelancer that I hired to edit “The Missing Boatman” didn’t finish his job—a long story, but essentially, he had a problem with keeping deadlines so I released him from his obligation (a lesson was learned there). Unfortunately,  I figure 25% of the edit wasn’t finished,  and now I’m in the process of weeding out those typos with the help of some honest-to-god friends.  When the weeding is done, the .99 price will be raised to 1.99 or 2.99—I’m actually leaning towards 2.99.

I haven’t done much in the way of promoting this week as I knew the covers were coming. It will resume in the following weeks.

On a final note, my EFL book was posted on with a short promotional write-up—so, a very special thank you to the folks at gaijinpot for giving me the opportunity.  I’m very excited that it was finally posted, and I continue to search out new sites where I can promote the ebook.  If you know of any, let me know.

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