Isosceles Moon… now on sale.

  A novella of supernatural horror.     The building stands on Halifax’s shoulder, a monolithic condominium of haunting, postmodern beauty.   The structure isn’t on any map, however, nor does anyone live there.   Lights twinkle on and off during the night, illuminating windows dimmed with dust. The lobby reeks of sweat and fear. […]

For a limited time, BREEDS is now only .99 cents

    Or 1.25 if you shop at Kobo (sorry, currency adjustment).   On Barnes and Noble. And iBooks soon to follow.   Amazon is live (or click on the cover pic). Paperback has been reduced from $13.99 to $9.99 . In a near deserted coastal village, strange things are happening. Strangers are asking questions […]

“BREEDS 2” now on Sale!

      The jaws of winter are clamping down on the city of Halifax. As the light recedes, new terrors arise… Months after the war with Borland and his vicious were brood, Kirk and Morris are experiencing curious aftereffects. They’re stronger, faster, and no longer vulnerable to the sharp sting of silver. There is […]