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The jaws of winter are clamping down on the city of Halifax. As the light recedes, new terrors arise…
Months after the war with Borland and his vicious were brood, Kirk and Morris are experiencing curious aftereffects. They’re stronger, faster, and no longer vulnerable to the sharp sting of silver.
There is one concern, however.
They’re forever hungry, and nothing they eat provides the same nourishment as what they consumed on the island of Newfoundland. And when a mysterious stranger rides into Moses Morris’s territory wishing to hunt, the were-warden knows the visitor isn’t after deer.
The ultimate race begins as Kirk and Morris lead a host of wardens to put down one of their own, before the next full moon, when an entire city will be subjected to a voracious appetite.


Book 2 of “Breeds.” Contains violence and language.

Contains 79,000 words, or approx. 224 pages




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  1. Q

    When will Breeds 2 be available/on sale on audio book?

    1. Keith

      Not sure actually–best you contact Podium Publishing. They would know. 🙂

  2. Q

    Thanks. I’ll do that.

  3. Justin

    Will a 3rd book be in the works? Breeds hooked me first but I just finished the Mountain Man series. You got me and I need more wolves!

    1. Keith

      Book 3 is with the editor now….

  4. Justin

    You have no idea how happy that makes me. You’re great! One of my favorites!!!

  5. Ian

    Just about to finish breeds and I’ve finished most of the mountain man series….you sir are a fantastic writer! Keep them coming

    1. Keith

      Thanks Ian–always nice to hear a good word. 🙂

  6. Shelah S.

    I just finished Breeds series and hoping the tease about Alvin at the end means there will be a Breeds 4. It’s pretty infrequent to find anything new and interesting in the were genre these days that isn’t tainted with romance/ vampires. I’ll be keeping an eye out and fingers crossed!

    1. Keith

      Glad you liked the books, Shelah–no plans to do a fourth one, however. But that might change if I get a decent idea…

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