Guest Author: Jennifer Hudock

Don’t Fight What You Write When I was growing up my mother fed me on a diet of Stephen King and fairytales, both of which are riddled with angst and darkness. The really good ones contain just the right amount of both. As much as I loved those fairytales at the time, I thought I […]

Guest Author, Jason G. Anderson

Here’s up and coming new author, Jason G. Anderson, talking about his work and current new release… 1. What are your influences and sources of inspiration? That’s a touch question to start with! A major influence in my writing definitely comes from my gaming background, as it determines how I initially start to think […]

Guest author, Morgan Gallagher

Here is a blurb from Indie Author Morgan Gallagher. Morgan’s releasing a new work of horror  April 10th. She tells me that the main male protagonist is a vampire, and the horror is psychological tension, immersed in violence and power games.  She says it’s a violent and bloody tale, but it’s contained in a small […]

Recent Fun On Kindleboards

Dear Dr. Jason, My girlfriend of about five years has a problem. I’ve discovered she has an eating disorder. She’s a brain eating zombie, and well, people are really starting to notice, especially at restaurants. I’ll have the surf n turf, but she opts for the waiter, or whoever is handy to our table.  This […]