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Here is a blurb from Indie Author Morgan Gallagher. Morgan’s releasing a new work of horror  April 10th. She tells me that the main male protagonist is a vampire, and the horror is psychological tension, immersed in violence and power games.  She says it’s a violent and bloody tale, but it’s contained in a small space, between two people.  She goes on to says that it also contains graphic adult content, as part of the ongoing destruction of the female’s sense of identity.  Dark and brutal, but not fantasy: psychological reality.

Here are Morgan’s excerpts…

Samples Sunday excerpts are here:

“London, April 1987.  Joanne, an up and coming PA, goes for a night out and wakes up in a nightmare.  Locked in a closed cell room, she is being kept by a raving madman: Dreyfuss.
Dreyfuss spends months, slowly schooling Joanne to obey him, and making sure she will never escape.  As the horror or her confinement slowly wears away all sense of hope and rebellion… Dreyfuss considers revealing his true nature to her: that of vampire.  Dreyfuss has finally taken a human as his Changeling, and he is determined to break her completely, then rebuild her in his image.  He wants an eternal companion and mate, worthy of him but under his complete control.  He slowly turns her, with violence and with blood, tearing her mind with his games.  Joanne resists, but Dreyfuss holds all the cards.  He has power, money and no conscience.  Jo has only her will, and the drive to be free.  Who will win?”
Changeling is scheduled for e-book release on April 10th 2011. All ebook formats supported.

The Dreyfuss Trilogy

Changeling is book one in the Dreyfuss Trilogy.  It is an interior book, concentrating on the battle of wills between Joanne and Dreyfuss.

Lucifer’s Stepdaughter
Lucifer’s Stepdaughter, the middle book, opens the narrative in the wider world of vampires that exist in an uneasy peace with Dreyfuss.

Moonchild brings to an end, the narrative arc created on that fateful day in April, when Joanne Maitland missed a boat going for a night out on the Thames, and stumbled into the path of Jonathan Dreyfuss, vampire.
The trilogy is dark and brutal, just like main character, Dreyfuss. 

Morgan Gallagher is in her late 40s, and should know better, about spending her writing life with vampires. However, she has no choice, as they refuse to go away and leave her alone.
Morgan has been writing since she was 12 years old, and turned her hand to many things, in order to earn her bread. As a mature student, she earned a first class honours degree in Film & English Studies from UEA, studied at Masters level in Film & Television at Warwick University, and undertaken research into teaching creativity as part of a Masters in Media Education at the British Film Institute. As part of her undergraduate degree, she took several units in creative writing at UEA, gaining 97% for one assignment, a department record. She is also a fully qualified Drama Teacher.
Currently caring full time for her severely disabled husband and raising her six year old son, she spends much of her time in volunteer and charity work, helping support mothers and babies in trouble, particularly those in need of breastfeeding support and advocacy. She has been involved in campaigns to stop child detention at Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre and campaigns for babies’ human rights. Her lactavist writings are well known and widely circulated and she talks at conferences and events, on both breastfeeding and Film & Television.
Severely dyslexic, none of this is easy. Why does she write? “I don’t have a choice. It just is. You may as well ask, why do I breathe?”

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