Safari (Mountain Man Book Two) now available

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Or click on the picture. Description:

Augustus Berry lives a day-to-day existence comprised of waking up, getting drunk, and preparing for the inevitable day when “they” will come up the side of his mountain and penetrate his fortress. Living on the outskirts of a city and scavenging for whatever supplies remain since the demise of civilization, Gus knows that his next visit to undead suburbia could be his last.

Not only does he face a corpse-infested urban hell, human scavengers, and unending loneliness, but now a new mystery has risen…

The undead are disappearing from the streets.

A force is gathering, beyond the mountain man’s darkest nightmares, even more relentless and terrifying than the roaming tides of dead flesh.

And it’s preparing to hunt.

Book two of the Mountain Man series. Contains graphic language and scenes of violence.


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  1. Jonathan Edwards

    How did I miss this? .. buying now.

    1. Keith

      I released it pretty quietly ;o). Thanks for picking it up Jonathan–hope you like it.

  2. Andrew Crowe

    I really enjoyed reading this book. Makes me feel like having a stab at writing myself! The book reads well and has a few unexpected twists and turns that keeps you interested and wondering where things are leading.

    If you like post apocalyptic books like me – you will love this one (but you need to read Mountain Main first).

  3. Laura

    Hubby and I loved this series, gave Mountain Man book as a gift to our son, he loved it. Went to order Safari for him, very upset it’s not in book form…..he is a book guy…can’t just skip to Hellifax!!
    GAH…..Why oh why isn’t Safari available in book form?????

    1. Keith

      Glad you enjoyed the books—but just to let you know, “Mountain Man” in paperback form actually has both book 1 (MM) and book 2 (Safari).

      Always meant for MM and MM2 to be one book, but at the time of writing it, I had to release the first half in ebook form as I needed the cash :). Thankfully it sold!

      In any case, if you already have the paperback (which contains ebooks 1 and 2 combined) then you’re fine.

      Have a good day and weekend,

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