Mountain Man *Movie Update*



Matt Deller’s MM script made the The Hit List 2015, (congratulations Matt :)) and has  Rough House Pictures producing. Just scroll on down to number 12. You might recognize Rough House Pictures, and producers David Gordon Green, Danny McBride,  and Jody Hill.


Can’t say much more than that, right now, but when more information becomes available, I’ll let you know.


It seems like the zombie genre simply refuses to die, much to my delight and dismay. I figured  interest in the genre would be long dried up by now. I don’t watch or read any zombie fiction at all these days, with the exception of “The Walking Dead” comic books. I haven’t even delved onto my other zombie favourite, the ongoing “Arisen” series which I’ve collected but haven’t read beyond book 5. I think there’s been a couple of zombie movies recently released this season. There’s certainly been a number of zombie TV shows, including the “Walking Dead” spin-off and “I, Zombie”. And I know fellow writer Stephen Knight has recently released short story number 4 of his most recent zombies mini-series (Steve’s military-vs-zombie action thriller “The Gathering Dead” and its follow-ups are some of the best high-octane stories you’ll find in the genre).


It’s wonderful that Matt’s script made the list and hopefully MM will be gracing movie screens soon with Rough House producers David Gordon Green, Danny McBride (yes, Danny McBride!), and Jody Hill on board to deliver the goods.


I’ll let you know the latest news when I can.



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  1. Travis

    I only recently discovered the Mountain Man series on Audible, primarily due to RC Brays amazing narration. I have now listened through the entire series and am starting to re-read them in print. I just wanted to say I’m a huge fan of the series and am extremely excited to see it may be coming to the silver screen. Thank you for all of your hard work on this series and I’m truly looking forward to reading more of your work.

  2. G

    I too am a huge fan of the series and hope to see a film version. I loved ‘The Foot the Fist Way’ and those two guys together are genius. I hope there still may be another addition to the MM series in the not-to-far-off future.

  3. AJ

    I must admit, the prequel to the series (The Hospital) was a bit rough around the edges but the evolution of writing was amazing and the development was spectacular. I’ve not had a book/series impress me so much in a LONG time!

    It is absolutely awesome that this is being made into a movie. Not to mention the fact that Eastbound and Down (McBride) is involved; love that guy.

    Congratulations! Well deserved!

    1. Keith

      I think “The Hospital” was a bit rough around the edges, too. I’m a work in progress. 🙂 And MM isn’t a movie yet, not yet… but I remain hopeful. And glad that Rough House has taken a shine to the material.

  4. Doug

    I have been wondering where would be a good place to start the movie. Well Feed was cool. I always imagined his face being a fucked up secret that might be explained in a prequel. I love the loner scavenger aspect of the whole series. And the idea of developing one REALLY good relationship.

  5. Betti Lee

    So…who will play Gus in the movie(s)?

    1. Keith

      😉 I’m just hoping the movie will one day get made…

  6. Paul

    Any updates on this? Just listened to all books in sequence for the second time, I’d love to see how it’s portrayed on screen!

    1. Keith

      Me too. Sadly though, things move much slower in Hollywood than in indie publishing. I can say that the project isn’t dead… but that’s where I’ll stop.

  7. Jay

    Glad to see the project is still live. I just hope that the film does the series justice!! Do you have much say in the production Keith?

    1. Keith

      As far as I can tell… nope. Not much at all. First time option so (shrugs) all I can do really is hope for the best.

  8. Michael

    Well the book is always better than the movie as most of us know. But if it is HALF as good, it’ll be a huge hit. Im listening to the series right now a second time, and it helps when you drive for a living.

  9. Dan Knight

    We’ll start getting a petition together! This is a film so many want made Keith! Probably as much as you do, and in my girlfriends case, so much more! It’ll happen! Nothing out there close to as good as MM!

    1. Keith

      Hope is a good thing :). The project still has life… Until then, I’ll keep working on the current novel (a weird western), make notes for MM5 (should get to that in September) and hope that “131 Days” starts to pick up. Then there’s the other stand-alone books and series (Isosceles Moon is one) planned and waiting to be written. Lotsa work to get done.

  10. etag

    How the hell script this good is not progressing to movie? I just got the MM Prequel and I’m listening to it in small pieces to it lasts longer

  11. Rhonda

    I loved your series! I discovered these books on Audio and to be honest, I generally HATE zombie type stories but something pulled on me to try these and I loved the main characters and how the story progressed! I wish I knew Gus personally! Anyway, I hope the movie happens but in the meantime I am telling everyone about this series!

  12. Samuel Chambliss

    I came across this series with a free Audible of “The Hospital.” I was instantly surprisingly captivated. I’m not usually much of a zombie fan, as my generation has been pummeled by numerous story variations, but I killed the 3-book bundle in just a little over a week. Waiting, impatiently, to be able to get the 4th book. A movie, as well as book 5, sounds exquisitely delightful.

  13. Shane

    In my feverish sweaty dreams of this movies release. I can imagine no better choice than R.c. Bray himself to play Gus and Nick Nolte as Fist if the movie included the norsemen . To see that on the big screen would bring a tear to this grown man’s eye.

    1. Keith

      Me too! But Nick Nolte as Fist? Nick’s getting up there in age…

  14. Jeff Owen

    Listening the prequel, before moving onto the other 3 books. I’m sat here listing to the Prequel, and thought, this would make a cracking movie (if done properly!). So, I thought, I know lets google it… and YAY!!! It is being made into a movie. Rightly so.

    I would prefer it made into 2 or 3 films!

    1. Keith

      I’d like to see it as a series on Netflix or HBO…. but these are hopes right up there with seeing the Blue Jays have a winning season. 🙂

  15. Donald Roberts jr

    Great series. I blew through the first 3 books on audible in 2 days. Well written and honestly one of my favorite series. Hope the movie happens!

  16. Mike

    What’s the latest on the movie/screen production of the Mountain Man series?? Any moves or work being done? Thanks Keith! Great series. Loved every book and every second of them.

    1. Keith

      Nothing I can talk about, sorry. Just check back every now and again. If anything happens, I’ll be posting about it when I can.

  17. Nicole

    The Mountain Man books have been my absolute favorite series of books. Gus is such a great character!

  18. Nicole Whitney

    I absolutely love the Mountain Man series! I really hope movies will be coming soon!

    1. Keith

      Me too. 🙂

  19. Hoang

    One of my favorite series! So excited when I found out there was a Mountain Man 5, sadly it’s not on audible yet. Do you know when it may release on audible?

    1. Keith

      No idea yet–just keep checking my site. I’ll announce it as soon I as know when…

  20. Justin

    Super pumped at the very thought of this series becoming a movie. Listened to every audio book 3 times at least. Starting to read the 5th book now

  21. Chris Ramsay

    I absolutely love your books. The story is awesome and just how I imagine the world would be if it really happened. Please don’t ever kill off Gus.

  22. Bria

    Devoured the mm series, on the last few chapters of well fed. I could see Chris Sullivan playing Gus, would love this being a series that way they could do the books justice!

  23. Dionne Price

    I absolutely love the mm series. I would love to see it made into a movie or series. Dreading finishing listening to the audio books. Think I’ll have to start them again when I do x

  24. Stephen

    Love the books Keith!, I literally just this evening, thought about the series, for no reason, so I googled it. JASUS!!, potentially a movie!!??…, then book 5 released 18/02, today!, happy days, keep up the good work.

  25. Jeff Lynch

    I am about to start the series over for a 4th time, just can’t get enough of Gus! I am very excited for a movie aspect, hopefully before the real apocalypse! Keep up the amazing work Keith!

  26. Scott Carpenter

    I’ve always pictured David Harbour as Gus

  27. John Easterbrook

    Scott, David Harbour is a good call for Gus. Can’t wait for news on the movie.

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