The Curse of Category

Today I have Eric  Zawadzki and Matt Schick in the man cave, talking about their collaborative effort and book to date, a title that I’d like to belt out from the top of a mountain–Kingmaker! These two genre savvy writers are very serious about what they do, and they aim to deliver the goods to […]

New Cover

Just got this from the very talented Wayne Miller (website here.) My new cover for the sequel to 131 Days.   Click to embiggen. Izzat sweet or what?

Oh and Two

So I just finished watching episode two of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” This all just my opinion, so feel free to comment, but I feel this show’s in trouble. Or maybe I’m missing things? Maybe I’m just comparing it to the awesomeness of the first season, which was pretty damn awesome. Perhaps I haven’t given […]

So, I just saw “The Walking Dead” Episode one of Season two

And… there was something missing. I knew that Frank Durabont had been fired from the show, and that there were some pretty big edits to get the first episode of the new season ready to go, but I didn’t think it would be so evident that someone screwed up somewhere. I expected the new episode […]

Gears of Wonderland

Is this a sweet looking cover or no? Jason G Anderson’s newest release is a full-blown novel. I’ve known Jason for a while now, and he’s been kind enough to post several releases on his site. Today I get to reciprocate.  If you are into Steampunk, if  you like adventure, if you like the magic […]

Another Short Story Collection?

I released Cauldron Gristle a few months ago, which was part of my plan to introduce three new novella sized books into the market. The three were a little bit of everything, a stand alone, an intro to a (expected ) series, and a bundle of short stories. The results of this were interesting. The […]

Why you should consider reading “Falling Star”

    You may wish to consider reading this novel if for no other reason than the fact that its story keeps getting more real each day. First, there was the Russian spy ring that was uncanny in the way they hid in plain view for decades, just like the fictional spies in Falling Star […]