Another Short Story Collection?

I released Cauldron Gristle a few months ago, which was part of my plan to introduce three new novella sized books into the market. The three were a little bit of everything, a stand alone, an intro to a (expected ) series, and a bundle of short stories. The results of this were interesting. The stand alone sold pretty well, but the series opener is …selling poorly… and the sales of the short story package sounds like my gut after too much pizza. Yeah.  That bad.

Which puzzles the fudder outta me.Cauldron Gristle contains four pretty good stories of weird horror fiction. I’m not so sure I should package another bundle of these because I’m so surprised at the lack of interest in Cauldron Gristle. Many of the stories I included in CG, with the exception of “The Hospital” were leftovers from my university days.

I don’t know. I’m working on several different projects at the moment, and while I do have time to tinker on something shorter in the evenings–I’m really hesitant to do so now.

Perhaps if I only wrote one and made it free?

I retire to my corner to  mull.

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