Product Blurb for “Well Fed” (Mountain Man book 4).

Got this back this week and thought I’d post it.



War pigs.

Road savages.

And the crumbling asphalt of the open highway.

After nearly four years, the zombie epidemic has almost burnt itself out.
Gus’s new life on a communal farm is peaceful. The daily routine of policing the fields is rarely disrupted by straying undead. His drinking binges are over. Long days have thrown time over the memories of Annapolis.

But this will all change.

When Gus is asked to search for a group of missing scavengers, he reluctantly agrees.
What he finds is a new predator unleashed upon the land, one determined to harvest every last mortal life…

And feed it to a ravenous machine.


Well Fed (Mountain Man Book 4) contains coarse language and violence. Approx. 480 pages, or 149,000 words. Available in October (or thereabouts).



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  1. John

    I sure hope the outstanding R. C. Bray will once again be narrating for Well Fed on Audible. Your writing plus his voice talent equals long-commute, story time goodness! 🙂

    1. Keith

      I think he’ll be doing it–be weird if Podium switched up narrators with the third book. Best for you to contact Podium if you’re really curious though.

  2. Luke

    I can’t wait to get it. I am going to start asking you about Mountain Man 5 right now just to get a jump on things!

  3. Jason T

    That blurb is absolutely fantastic, and is making this one sound pretty damned enticing. But will there be carnage? 🙂

  4. Rob

    Just finished the 131 House of Pain and the ONLY thing that makes me feel better waiting for the next one is that MM 4 is almost out!! Yay!

  5. Joshua F

    Found The Hospital audio book on Amazon the other day for free and finished it during my commute to work the other day. Immediately purchased MM1 and am halfway through it and totally hooked. You can guarantee I will be purchasing the rest as I finish them. Don’t know how I will get anything done as I listen to it even at my desk at work! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. ryan

    I just finished all the mountain man books (binged over a couple weeks driving to work listening to it). I also found the hospital on audible and gave it a try and was HOOKED! Totally a great series, I can’t wait to explore more of Keith’s work! Well done!!!

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