“The Hospital” and “Mountain Man” audio editions now available for pre-order…



Only pre-order, but links are below.

Both are scheduled to be released on March 28, 2014.

From Podium Publishing. Narrated by R.C. Bray.


The Hospital (this one is FREE, too!)



Mountain Man



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  1. Trey

    I came across The Hospital on Audible a few days ago, and considering it was free, I gave it a try. It was just enough to get me interested, so I picked up Mountain Main as well. Now, I’m hooked! I’ll finish MM this evening and can’t wait to get to Safari. Any idea when the audio versions of Safari and Hellifax will be complete? I’m going to start on the kindle version of Safari, but I’m really hoping the audio for Hellifax will be finished soon. Over the past couple years I have become addicted to audiobooks. Considering all the time I spend in the car, it’s just more convenient and much more enjoyable to have the audio version, especially when they are written and narrated as nicely as The Hospital and MM.

    Thanks for the entertaining books. Once I’m done with the MM series, I’m sure I’ll pick up some of your others. Right now, it looks like I’ll start with The Missing Boatman. Can’t wait!

    1. Keith

      Hi Trey,

      Glad you liked the stories but sorry, I don’t know when Podium plans on releasing the other books, and their website is down right now. I really don’t have much to do with the audiobooks, except hand the material over to the professionals who take care of the recording and all. When I find out, I’ll make an announcement on the site here.

      All the best

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