“White Sands, Red Steel” is NOW ON SALE!!


Narrated by John Lee!

(click on cover to go places…)



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  1. Brian

    I really liked this book and everything I’ve read of yours. I drive truck for a living and listening to your books makes every ride enjoyable. I check a few times a week to see if anything new is available so I can snatch it up on audible. Thanks so much for entertaining all of us. I was desperate for something new and fresh when I stumbled on your work. The series are great, and the stand alone novels are awesome as well. Please keep writing, and thank you for sharing your work.

    1. Keith

      Thanks for listening, Brian!

  2. Jacob

    This is the first book of yours I listened to. Today, I finished listening to The Troll Hunter. I am thoroughly engrossed in your writing now, as your style is unlike any I’ve seen thus far. I will be buying hard-copies of both, and any others I read, as well as beginning on your 131 Days series. I hope you continue your work in this year, as I greatly appreciate what you’ve made, sir.

    1. Keith


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