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On the island of Big Tancook, Collie Jones is making plans. She informs the islanders that it’s time to resume her original mission – to find other survivors, screen them, and return them to the island. Every survivor she brings back is one more valuable addition to the skill and gene pool.

But first, she must return to the place whence she came.

She must secure the elaborate government bunker called Whitecap and its vast stores of munitions within.

With a small group accompanying her – including Gus Berry, the Mountain Man – the islanders will once again return to the mainland and confront a new enemy.

An enemy who has the very same goal of locating survivors, but for a different purpose.

To build an empire.

Contains coarse language and violence.


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  1. james russell

    Just finished the audio version of Mountain Man book 5. FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for continuing this series. I really enjoy the story line.

    1. Shana

      I so enjoyed MMK! This series is only getting better. I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you for allowing your characters to grow and remain interesting. Loved it. I am sad that I don’t have more to listen to.

  2. Matthew Lynch

    Just great, thank you. The only downside is after listening all night, I’m mindless at work today…

  3. Kim Ramirez

    I’m super stoked for MMK and thrilled Bray narrated! Love ALL your books, huge fan (pre-order everything) listening to MMK now & looking forward to your next book to be available. Thanks for all the phenomial characters, even the ones who make us cringe! Love them all 🙂 KimR

  4. Mike

    loved the audible book , this was my favorite book of the series, hope we get a book 6

    1. Keith

      Working on it now, in fact (these days, I mean).

      1. BillB

        I hope you know how much we love this world you’ve created and we that we appreciate your continued work! Every book in this series will be an instant purchase for me and I’ve just gotten my friends into the series too. So much fun 🙂

  5. Eric

    More stoked about a book 6 than i am about news of this going to the big screen. I started this series as I was waiting for Commune book 4 to be released, and soon found this to be my favorite among many. Even with the zombies, you manage to make the human element both real and more terrifying than dead heads could ever be. You could put book 6 on preorder right now without so much as a complete first chapter and I’m buying.

    1. Keith

      Thanks Eric. 🙂

  6. Paul

    Mountain man book 5 is great, keith, waiting for book 6. All the best paul

  7. Lee Toy

    I had no idea that I’d grabbed up MM5 on the day it became available on Audible. I also had no idea that there had been no intention of it seeing the light of day till I came upon archives from here. I can’t tell you how happy it made me to share in Gus’ adventures with everyone else. And Collie, she’s my favorite character ever. If I had daughters she’d be my inspiration in how to raise them, with or without the sailor mouth.
    Thank you Mr. Bray for your work. Ill definitely look into your others. As for MM, I’ll eat up any new books in the series regardless if they’re born by plan or whim.

  8. Angela

    Brilliant series – I’m absolutely hooked! Just finished MM5 and about to start MM6. I have never been a fan of post apocalypse genre – but you have changed that. Have loved every minute of listening, RC Bray is a perfect narrator for series. Not sure what your plans are but I hope this series has many more additions. Congratulations on making this an epic adventure.

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