First Week Into April And…

I’ve sold 34 books, which is simply great. I think I’ve turned the corner now, and for anyone who is thinking about doing this, keep in mind the 6th or 7th month. A lot of writers seem to have an increase in sales around the same time (give or take a month). Some are incredibly fortunate to see results sooner and that’s great, but I think most will see a boost around the same time. Course, I have no data to support that, except my own observations, so some of you will probably say I’m talking outta me arse.

Um… 131 Days is … evolving. I originally had a concept for a novella,  where we would follow a bunch of individual characters into a gladiator pit, where the reader would have no idea of who would win… right up until the final chapter. Now, after listening to a couple of my beta readers from other books (Brad and Eric, who both read “The Bear That Fell From The Stars” and who both wanted more story) I’ve decided to take a different route and flesh it out more. In fact, after thinking and drawing up notes and outlines here and there, the original plan to have a fight in each chapter, with events happening before, during,or after the fight, presented problems that, being a lazy git, I just didn’t want to tackle anymore. And considering the cast of characters I’m developing, it was going to be very very difficult to keep to the format I had. There would be too much going on.

Hell, there is too much going on.

And I’m not altogether certain I can pull it off, but I’ll try anyway.

When it’s done, I’ll ask Brad and Eric (and maybe Kate and Jason if they aren’t too busy) to read and let me know their thoughts. Good feedback is like gold dust (that’s Kate’s saying, not mine) and she is exactly right.

So, to that end, I’ve put up the first chapter of 131 Days here. Just go into Short Stories, and follow the links. It’s unedited, okay, so don’t worry if you see something there. I’ll be going over it again later, and what I don’t catch I can guarantee the folks mentioned above will. And then the copy editor will initiate his/her hunt… so the final published product should be spotless and crinkle free.

Also, when I get the cover, I’ll put up the first chapter of He-Dog And Balless.

Have a good weekend, and click on some of the links in me side bar there. You might very well find something to read from some very fine people…



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  1. Cherie Reich

    I’m glad to hear sales are doing well. I agree that sales seem to pick up around the sixth month or so. Good luck with your current projects!

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