Christmas Sale!

Yes, dammit a Christmas sale. Spread the merriment. And I’ll tell you why…

I got another review the other day, from a guy name Eric–if you are reading this Eric, thank you very much for your generous rating and comments–it’s all very much appreciated. I noticed what you said about the product description, and I actually have a new cover planned. When that’s done, I’ll update the description. It won’t change much, really, as I want the story to be as ambiguous as possible, right up until the end of the first part of the book, but hopefully it’ll be a little sharper.

So, that’s the reason behind the Christmas sale–three four star reviews (you can see them on–“The Troll Hunter”). I’m tickled. I’ve dropped TTH down a buck to $1.99, until such a time I remember to raise back up to $2.99 (probably when the new cover is ready). Of note to maybe some parents, I’m going to release my children’s book “Flight of the Cookie Dough Mansion” this week as well, and that’ll be on sale for the holiday price of .99 cents. It’s about 5,000 words long, and a nice deal for kids aged 7-8. I had originally thought the age group would be more 6-7, but I reconsidered.

Missing Boatman–weeding continues and probably will into the new year. So, I’m still offering this at .99 cents.

I’m on holiday now, and I’ve got plenty to do. I only just finished formatting “Flight of the Cookie Dough Mansion,” and now I’ll concentrate on my alien abduction story which I’m keen to get at. So keen, I’m going to break my first rule and *halt*work on He-Dog and Balless. I expect to get back into their world soon enough however, so don’t worry. As long as I keep all my fingers, I think my schedule for 2011 will be kept.

I also want to mention how I formatted my children’s book. That story was only 5,000 words, so it was a good practice piece to warm up on. Not sure how a full length novel will go over, but if any of you are considering formatting and uploading by yourselves, check out this guide from Smashwords’ Mark Coker

as suggested to me by fantasy writer David Dalglish

One last note.

InformationWeek just posted an article

which sums up the holiday shopping spree for Ereaders. Both Amazon and B&N’s Nookcolor are selling very, very well. How well? Amazon won’t release their numbers but they hint at millions. They say that in just 73 days, more Kindles were sold than in all of 2009.


More Kindles. More readers. I’ve already read about indie writers selling huge amounts of their work in just the first week of Christmas. They are exceptions, of course, but it has been done.  These are good times for readers and indie authors, and I think they will only get better.

And that’s a wrap.

Time for some nog.

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  1. Eric Zawadzki

    The review was my pleasure to write. Once the description and cover get a small facelift, I’ll be all too glad to remove the caveat at the beginning of it. You’ve got a really outstanding product, here, and I think it has the potential to do really well with a little bit more marketing.

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