Month’s almost done!

And sales picked up nicely–not enough to live on, mind you, but I still have until August’s checkpoint–which is when I’ll know if I can continue on for another 6 months or close up shop and get a “real” job. But so far, sales are slowly improving (I’ll tell you the exact numbers next week). This is in part due to the new release “The Bear That Fell From The Stars” (new review on Amazon–I’m happy), my fellow indies who allowed me to promote on their sites, and the low prices of the others. If you are thinking about buying either “The Troll Hunter,” or  “The Missing Boatman,” I would suggest you do so soon. I’ve had them on sale for a month now, and I’m considering switching them back to the $2.99 (a guy’s gotta live) which could happen at the beginning of next month.

For the rest of the blog, I’ll tell you  what I’ve been up to these past few weeks. Jet lag is gone, and I’ve settled into my office (really my sister’s old bedroom) and finished converting it into a place where worlds can be created (muwhahaha). It’s also a great little place to play distracting PC games when the work’s is done (Fallout: New Vegas, anyone? Anyone?).

Work has momentarily been halted on He-Dog and Balless. I’ll be getting back to them shortly. Work has progressed very nicely on my novella full of horror fiction. This will probably be about 3 stories, about 20,000 words, which will be sold for .99 a pop. As part of my ongoing marketing strategy to get the short reads out there, at an .99 intro price to entice new readers to buy the longer 2.99 works. I’m thinking about including one of the site’s short stories there too, as a bonus.

Once the novella has been done, I’m going to revisit 131 Days–the gladiator novella I’ve been mentioning. I’ve thought about doing this as a series of short stories. Now I’m wondering if I should just stick with the one character. We’ll see.

And after that’s done, back to H&B. Finish first draft, and then get to work on the two novels I have sitting in the wings. They’ve been waiting to get out there for a while now, and I think I can afford getting them ready. Probably around Christmas, 9 months away.

So my release schedule will be altered a little.

It’ll be interesting to look back at this in December, and see where I am.

Have a good weekend.

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