A Little More Information on the upcoming “Mountain Man: Prequel.”


––It’s a full length novel of about 77,000 words.


––It will be released before Christmas.


––The story takes place two years before MM, and Gus will not be quite the Gus you know…


––It will be released before Halloween.


––Scott will not be in the book, nor do I have any plans to do a Scott prequel story.


––It’s a zombie break-out book, so it takes place well before events in “The Hospital.” This is “the day the zombie apocalypse began” backstory of MM. I’m not sure it’ll be what some of you are hoping for considering MM canon … but I do hope that you like what you read. I can say this––for a guy who pretty much dry hitched at the thought of doing another zombie story, this book came out pretty easy. It was a lot of fun to write.


––Podium Publishing will once again produce the audiobook and I’ll have more news in the next few weeks once they have production scheduled. And in case you didn’t know, The Hospital is still a free short story  on Audible.  The Mountain Man Omnibus is not free… but it’s a pretty good bargain.


–Does this mean I’ll write more zombie books? Maybe. When, however, is a good question, and not one I can answer right now.  I’m focusing on continuing and completing the 131 Days series. If I do write another zombie story, however, it probably won’t be with Gus or Scott, but with new characters trying to survive in the MM world.



More news soon…




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  1. Robb

    Oh My Goodness, the catalyst I’d raise a glass of captain to celebrate but I’ve only a rocket fuel litre of Russian Vodka, so cheers to Gus ( and KC ) . And it just so happens that I’m taking the kids to the World of Wings Birds of Prey centre this weekend,near Glasgow to support a fund raising.

    Yup 2 days of seeing how they strip a deer carcass.It’s a Scottish thing.

    If any zombie shite comes ta Glasgow we will set right aboot them , for we have square sasages men in skirts with furry purses and family venues where it’s OK to watch Bambi get devoured by raptors.
    Hey don’t judge me Gus would understand.
    Best wishes Keith

    1. Keith

      Same back at’cha–and enjoy the weekend.

      Russian Vodka eh?… (shivers)

  2. Ryan

    This makes me very happy. Im glad you didn’t force this and you waited until you had a full story to tell. I’ve read this and Breeds, and I have full faith that Gus 1.0 will be just as engaging as Gus 2.0. Thanks for the update and have a great long weekend!

  3. Bob

    I’m still in favor of a “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse With The Captain” how-to guide.

  4. Larry

    The prequel was pretty light imho. It seems to be the day or two of the outbreak and nothing about Gus’ decent into alcoholism….maybe that’s the next plan…also, how about a breeds elder wars series?

    1. Keith

      Nope, that was about as detailed as I wanted to get with a prequel–just setting up things for MM. No plans for a “next two years” book or Gus’ gradual alcohol addiction. I like where MMP ended and where MM begins.

      Then again, you never know. I like the genre (though I do get burned out on it) and the characters, and there is a PA world left to explore. I mentioned in another post that I’m gathering ideas for other zombie stories but I don’t think Gus and company would be a part of them because of the settings. For Gus (and company)to appear again, I supposed I’d have to have a solid story in mind. Hard to do after “Well Fed,” which I thought was the pinnacle of the series.

      Breeds Elder wars. That’s not a bad idea but (shrugs) the original trilogy really didn’t sell as well as I’d hoped. There’s certainly plenty of potential there for a fourth book if I get the itch to do another werewolf story, so you never know. If I ever do, I’ll try and keep it to one volume.

  5. Saja

    Ok, so I was introduced to the series by reading ‘The Hospital’. I absolutely am terrified of anything zombie ever since “The Night of the Living Dead”, but your story was so well written and intense that I found it tremendously entertaining. I then purchased the first book in the series both ebook and audible version. I was then memerized some more by the writing and the audible actor. He’s, great. So, I got ebook and audible books 2, 3, and 4 when they were published but I’m afraid to read them. Please don’t think I’m a coward, but someday I have to read these books I keep buying. Today I purchased books 5 and the prequel book. So, now I’d better read them since I’m now in the house with nowhere to go. The pandemic is similar to a zombie apocalypse, isn’t it? I’m a big fan of yours because if you got ME to purchase and read books about zombies, you can do anything. Thank you!

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