And the winner of the paperback giveaway is…

Cedric Nye!


Who is also an author of his own zombie series! Congratulations and thanks to Cedric for sharing and liking the book promo on Facebook, and I hope he enjoys the books. Also, thank you to everyone who liked/shared the promo giveaway.



Took this week off as I wanted to recharge the batteries a bit after completing the first draft of 131 Days, book 3. Work will begin on the new werewolf book on Monday,and I hope to have a first draft within 6 weeks.


Also, some folks have been asking about books and when they might be released. It’s hard to give a solid answer, as each book takes time.  Here’s a breakdown of the timeline of a book:


1–Write first draft.

2–Let sit for a few months (usually do first draft of another book during this time).

3–Go back and do second draft (repeat #2 if necessary).

4–If clean enough (ie, reads fine to me) I send out to trusted beta readers who will read and give me their valuable opinions on the book (this time varies, about 3-4 weeks).

5–Make adjustments .

6–Send book to editor (about 3-4 weeks).

7–Make adjustments as suggested by editor (about 1-2 weeks).

8–Send to proofreaders (I use 3 as of this writing, and things still get through all of us–this takes another month or so).

9–Make adjustments after each proofread (only a day or two, if that, as each proofread copy is faster to check).

10–Deliver final copy of book to formatter, which only take a couple of days, if that. Then…

11. Upload and hope to Gawd it sells.


Total time from first draft to first sell? About maybe 5-6 months.


So that’s how it goes IF all is flowing smoothly in the creative juices department. Stress about sales, personal issues, health, etc, etc, can all slow the process of creating a book down. An exceptionally long book (90K+) can drag the process down, although I’m going to try and aim for shorter novels from here on in if I can (say, 70-90K words). It takes a while, and the batteries do have to be recharged from time to time. I once told my aunt about how many words I produce in a day (on good days, 3,000-4500) and her jaw dropped. She said. “Y’know, in high school, when we had to turn in papers, I’d be counting every word, even the little words,” (ie “a” “an” the” ) which put a smile on my face.

I did the same thing when I was in high school.






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  1. Matt W.

    Well 6 weeks isn’t too long to wait. Keep up the good work.

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