Another update…

MM3 has made it through the editing stages, proofreading stages and now is going through a few last minute touches.

Some news, my editing company Red Adept Publishing has awarded MM3: Hellifax with their Red Adept Select stamp of approval, meaning it was voted as being outstanding in its genre by the people who read it over there.



Not sure it’s outstanding, but I hope you like it when you finally read it.


Should be available on… December 30th.


So if you tweet, text, talk, shout or write… do me a favour–if you enjoyed the first two books and you know someone else who does, let them know about the release date.


Also,  seems so far the consensus for the next book is… MM4.  I still want to wait and see what people think about the third book before I do anything more.


I have the new cover, and I’m going to keep it a secret for now, since I know there will be people coming here, seeing the cover, and going over to Amazon without reading any of this.


However, just got a new piece of artwork from Chris Rallis, for the upcoming sequel to White Sands, Red Steel,  which I hope will be available in the summertime of 2013.







Somethin eh?






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  1. David

    MM3 and MM4 — YAY! Thank you Keith 🙂

    1. Keith

      🙂 But you haven’t read MM3 yet man—might not be your cup of java.

  2. David

    Of course I know that you may go a direction I that kills it for me. I just haven’t see any evidence for that yet. From your previous posts I think you care a lot about what you’re writing not just from a selfish perspective, but about the reader’s experience and the value they’ll get.

    When I first read you, I had to decide if I wanted to spend the money on a new (to me) writer first, not knowing what I’d get for it. I hadn’t read your other stuff, and there’s a lot of bad post-apoc/zombie fiction out there to be avoided. MM2 was a MUCH easier decision.

    I’ve liked your other books and really liked MM1 and MM2.

    That’s the magic of brand 🙂

    I bought Cauldron Gristle, The Bear that Fell from the Stars and the missing boatman on the strength of MM1/MM2 even though they were very different stories. I just picked up The Hospital as well.

    And I’m still hoping that one of the new MM’s is on that oil rig you mentioned before.

    I’m not so much into fantasy, so I’ve not considered the sword and sandals type stories.


    1. Keith

      Ah, I see. I’m glad of brand too! (lol) But everyone has at least one miss-step. I like MM3–but I’m bias of course 🙂 which is why I’ll be quietly releasing this one. I figure if people liked the first two, it’s a strong chance they’ll enjoy the third, and they’ll let their friends know which, in turn, expands the readership.

      The oil rig story might not happen. It’s more of a break out story, which I felt I’d read enough of and why I went with the 2 years later format for MM. At the time when I thought of it, it seemed like a good idea–but now I’m not so keen.

      MM4 (if folks want it) will take place maybe a year or two after the events of the first three books. I’ll talk more about it once MM3 has been released and read.

      Thanks for buying and reading the books man. Can’t say how much I appreciate the support.

      All the best for the holidays and 2013.


  3. Crusty

    Keith, even if MM3 was not my cup of java, MM1 and MM2 were so I would definitely be reading MM4 and also give 5,6, and 7 a chance before giving up on book 8. If you write it, we will read 🙂

    Merry Christmas

    1. Keith

      :)– Well, let’s see. I hope most folks do like the story. Merry Christmas back at you and all the best for 2013.

  4. Crusty

    I just finished Hellifax and enjoyed it very much. Thank you. What a great end of the year treat.

  5. Crusty

    One more thing and I’ll stop bugging you..I’m not big into Facebook but it is useful to keep track of book updates for my favorite writers. I searched by your name and Mountain Man with no luck. If you use Facebook, can you help me find you? Otherwise, I’ll check here or Amazon every so often and see if there’s anything new. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    1. Keith

      Hi Crusty,

      Glad that you enjoyed the book. As for Facebook, I’m not really there much at all. This site is probably your best bet on new releases. Just stop by every now and again, and there should be a notice or something. Or even my author page on Amazon (actually, that’s probably the best place). And Happy New Year right back at you. 🙂

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