It’s Official….


Don’t ask me how…


Or when…


Or who (because I don’t know who will play the lead)…


But here you go…



(click on that… if you haven’t already)


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  1. BillB

    OMG yes. Just finished 5 and listing again to the original series for the 3rd time. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  2. Richard

    That is awesome. Love the series and the characters

  3. Brent

    Awesome, you beauty here we go .as long as it dosnt turn out like the Shannara chronicles or sword of truth series.

    1. James

      Don’t jinx it man

  4. Tom

    I just want book 6!!!

  5. Trey Miller

    I’m in the middle of your fourth Mountain Man book and keep thinking somebody needs to make this into a movie. This is great news! Hopefully you can use the same narrator if one is used. Congratulations!

    1. Keith

      Thanks everyone :).

      1. Tala

        Mountain Man and Breeds are my favorites. Looking forward to Mountain Man 6 but are you going to revisit Breeds? I’ve read the series multiple times. I love wolves and it’s great to read a series that doesn’t demonize them. You’re a terrific writer and Breeds is one of the most exciting horror/fiction series I’ve ever read/listened to. Are you thinking of writing a sequel to book 3? Fingers crossed.

        1. Keith

          A book 4 is planned but it’s just a question of when I’ll get to it. I have too many series left hanging there and I need to finish them before I start getting hatemail… O.O. But a follow-up is planned…

  6. Greg Costello

    This is great news & very excited to see what comes about & happy for you.. But…. please tell me you are working on more 131 days?! This has become my favorite series ever of all & any. When thunderous applause ended, I felt a gut punch. Too many things I have been waiting for unanswered or gone to conclusion. I implore you to keep this series alive.
    I am a truck driver & listen to books all day & night, I listen to hundreds of books a year, thank you Mr.Blackmore for your work

    1. Keith

      I mean to finish the series but it’s a matter of sales. 131 didn’t do well at all, and it’s hard working on a book for 3-4 months, putting time and money into it, and then seeing it drop like a rock. I do hope to get back to book 7 within a year or so….

  7. Jon Robertson

    I just found your books on audible. I have listened to all of the MM series and Breeds. Truly, Great stuff!

    However, Now when I see someone ware a face mask that covers their, I envision “BALACLAVA” instead…. I blame you Keith.

  8. Matt hitz

    Rc should play Gus lol.

    1. Keith

      He could…. but he’s too busy. In all seriousness, however, casting is out of my hands, but I have alerted the powers that be about him.

  9. Steve

    Brilliant news – fair play to you 🙂

    Your next book is always eagerly awaited – you and D.J.Molles are my two favourite ‘modern’ authors, as soon as I’v finished either of your latest books I’m pacing the floor for the next one !

    Glad I found you mate, good authors are hard to come by 🙂

  10. Heather

    Thank you so much for your Mountain Man series! Your other books are great but nothing beats Gus.

  11. Roy

    I Totally believe The Hound from Game of Thrones should play Gus. No doubt in my mind at all!

    My dog Gus is still doing well! He says he can’t wait to see your movie either! We are on book 6 about 8 hours left. Amazing! Gus is the best!


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