UPDATE:… Mountain Man 6: “Mindless” PRE-ORDER NOW LIVE


Release date–March 9th, 2021

(and not Jan. 12th)

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And I’m hoping the paperback will be available within a week of releasing the audio and ebook formats. I can’t seem to do a pre-order for paperbacks. Not at this time, anyway.  The option isn’t available just yet.

Sorry for being late updating this site. The original Jan. 12th date had to be pushed back as RC got sick and everything he was working on got backed up. He’s better now and back in the booth, so we’re confident March 9th will be the day.


Other news.


Folks have been asking me what’s next. Here’s the production schedule for 2021.  Titles will be worked on in order as they are listed…


Mountain Man: Prequel 2 “Them Early Days”

Working on this one now, in fact, but don’t ask me when it’ll be released. No idea.  The first prequel did well and I thought I’d do a little more there, in those break-out days. Just a little. Are there any major revelations? No, I don’t think so–but there is more detail about the weeks following Gus’s escape from Mollymart East and his slow slide into surviving and dealing with a zombie-infested world. I don’t think there will be another prequel book after this one.


White Sands, Red Steel 2 (tentatively called “Savage”)


This one has been waaaay overdue and I want to tackle it immediately after completing the second MM prequel. I want to get back to heroic fantasy (or grimdark, or whatever you call/classify it these days) and this one’s on deck.  Another reason I want to do this book first is because it’ll be a warm-up. An exercise in re-acquainting my memory with the world of 131 Days, especially remembering the language that the characters use. He-Dog and company was supposed to be another series, but I think I’ll cap it at the second book so I can then finish 131 Days.


131 Days Book 6 (“Untitled”)

The next book in the 131 Days series. The good news is, 131 has found some legs in audio, which allows me to get to work on a second fantasy offering for 2021. I should get at this in late 2021, if not earlier, if all goes according to plan. I’m hoping for good sales, so I can continue and finish the series, which I think might happen in 2-3 books. I think I can do the rest of the story in 2-3 books, however, there is a chance that might change. Might be 4 books. Might only be two. Could be five. We’ll see. I know the final eight fights are in the last volume, but I’m not sure how many pages and books are in between. I do know folks seem to like longer books better than the shorter ones, so I’ll keep that in mind when working on book 6.

The big take away here is that I hope and want to return to the series this year *and* if sales are good (dare I say strong), work on the remainder of the books until the series is done.

How can you help? Just keep on doing what I hope you’re doing anyway. Mention the books to people you think might like them. That’s all. But mention them. It all helps and its still the best advertising there is. It just so happens it also takes the longest.


131 Days Book 7 (maybe… depends… see explanation for book 6.)

(tentatively) 131 Days Book 8 (maybe… depends… see explanation for book 6.)


BREEDS 4  (“Untitled”)

Originally a 3 book set and done, but that’s no more because, well, some of you have been asking about another book. That got the old grey matter thinking, “yeah, there could be another book in there.”  In fact, there could be a couple. But I’ll just put this one right here and, depending on sales, we’ll see what happens with a possible fifth. Sales for books 2 and 3 were only so-so upon release, but over time, this offering of werewolf mayhem has found an audience. So, we’ll see.


And that’s it for the books to be worked on in the next year or so.


There are a few other titles waiting in the wings, but they are either stand-alones or new series that will have to wait. Well, what are they, you ask? Ohhhhh…. you. O-kay, if you really want to know…

I want to return to the world of “Isosceles Moon” which was supposed to be a set of novellas. That failed. More specifically, I think the format failed. The story is  still a good one. I think I will do a third installment and combine it with the first two, for one huge novel of supernatural mayhem.  Release it, and see what happens. Hopefully, goodness.

Another weird western could be in the making. I’m also thinking about a possible foray into crime fiction. I had an idea for a old fashion vampire book that seems interesting. There’s also an idea for a Science Fiction Fantasy series in the vein of Star Wars, Flash Gordon, and the RPG computer game “Borderlands”…

If I get the zombie bug again, there are a couple of Mountain Man spin-off books I might do, focusing on Anna Hajek from “Mountain Man: Prequel.” When I wrote Anna in that story, I thought, “man, I could do a book on her alone” and then thought maybe I would… if folks showed an interest in her. Sadly, no one did. At the time. In the years after MMP’s release, however, I’ve been getting a note here and a message there, pretty much all asking the same thing.

“What happened to Anna?”

So, by the time I get around to another zombie book, I’m hoping there’ll be a lot more interest in the big farmer woman from Falmouth.

Some of you have been asking about a follow-up to Troll Hunter. There’s one planned but, as you can see, it’s pretty far down the list here. For now. That might change. It all might change, all depending on sales, whim, or fancy. I think those last two mean the same thing… anyway…

That’s it. You’re all caught up.


Thanks for reading to this point, hope 2021 is going better for you than last year, and I very much hope you’ll enjoy the next MM book “Mindless” when it’s released on March 9th.

Take care. Be well.















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  1. Dave M

    Just finished MM5….WOW! Patiently awaiting MM6 with baited ears. Excited for MMP2 as well.
    Yes, what happened to Anna? =) Happy New Year!

  2. Simon

    Thank you Mr Blackmore for this update, can’t wait for the release of mindless ( already pre ordered the book and the audio book ).
    Looking forward to MMP2 and definitely looking forward to Breeds 4 and all your upcoming works.
    2021 has just become one great year.

    Thanks again

  3. JD

    Thanks for the updates! Read all the books in the 131 Days world and looking forward to more.

  4. Matthew Lynch

    Pre-Order done. Looking forward to it.
    Also started Breeds. Digging it. Thanks.

  5. Eric

    I’m glad you are adding more to the Mountain Man legacy. I went through the last book way too quickly.. am still looking forward to seeing this produced in a movie or tv series, but I’m worried they won’t do it justice.

  6. Brian

    I am beyond excited at all this news. Obviously MM rules but man, white sand 2?!?! AND 131 days in the same year? Hell yeah. Just finishing up 131 series for the third time. Really looking forward to all the titles. Thanks Keith

    1. Keith

      That’s the plan, but it might be a year + depending on how long the next 131 Days book is. But, yes, that’s the plan. Stick with that one until it’s finished. Hopefully….

  7. Anika

    Iiiiiit’s heeeeeeeerrrreee! 😁 There go my next few days. Its a good job my kids are old enough to sort themselves out because I’m going to be MIA and deaf to their demands for the foreseeable future. Pro tip: as soon as your kids are old enough, get them a phone and all the takeaways on speed dial, it’ll free up so much time.

  8. Joe

    Why did you put onions in #6, cutting my grass and all of a sudden them dang onions got to me. Gus has been through enough, I hope if ever he can find someone to replace that hole in his heart.

  9. Violet

    Binged the MM series twice, can’t get enough of it. More please!

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