UPDATE:… Mountain Man 6: “Mindless”


Just a quick one. So I wrote this the other day…


The End.



There you go. First draft finally done. MM6 “Mindless” is over 135,000 words, which makes it a little shy of MM4’s length. That total will probably change, depending on what I might add or take out in the second draft.

As always, if you’ve been reading previous entries on this blog, editing is next, and that could take a couple months depending editor availability, what problems might pop up in the first draft, sections that need to be rewritten, etc. All takes time. I’m hoping it’ll be on sale around the end of the summer.

Ebook will be the first format to hit the market and paperback will follow within the month. Can’t give any idea as to when audio will be available, as RC’s rising star status guarantees there will be several titles in his queue waiting to be narrated. I think at last glance, he was booked until 2022? Or something like that? All I can say is, when I know for sure, I’ll let you know.

Cover will be revealed in the months to come.

Next project will be also revealed in the months to come. A break from all things zombie is needed at this juncture, and I want to get back to fantasy. I’m not sure I can tackle “131 Days” just yet, but I’m seriously considering getting back to the follow-up to “White Sands, Red Steel,” which is long overdue. People have been asking about a follow-up to “Breeds,” and there is one planned, but I want to finish some of these other series first.

All subject to change due to finances or fancy.

No movie news to share with you at this time, but there are things going on behind the scenes, and if/when I get the green light to share, I most certainly will.



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  1. Randy

    I’ve read them all and “131 Days” would make an awesome series for Amazon or Netflix. No Dragons!

    1. Keith

      Not yet….

      1. Anika

        So, so excited for this! My unhealthy obsession with this series has ruined any sort of joy from other sources for me! It’ll be a sad day when the final book comes out.

      2. Aidan

        I’m on my fourth listen to the mm series and believe you are the reason I have signed up to audible. I’m struggling to find something else like it that I like as much, I probably identify with gus as we are very similar in many ways. Breeds is up there too probably tied second withCommune by Josh Gayou. Please get Bray on the job as soon as possible.

        1. Keith

          RC is doing the next one. 🙂

  2. Michael Brodigan

    Thanks for the update Keith. Always good to know that there’s something to look forward to. Just finished White sands so a follow up to that would be good. Also loved the 131 days and Breeds series so any follow up to those between MM releases is welcome too.
    Hope all is well with you and yours!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. stephanie miller

    Good to hear!! Love your books!!!!
    Keep us posted!!!

  4. Scott Carpenter

    Gotta be RC narrating it, even if its 2023!
    I just discovered MM5 I was pleasantly surprised when I logged into the Audible for the first time in a year or so. I love this series. Thanks so much for bringing us more Gus.

    1. Randy B

      I second these comments. Love me some Gus and anyone other than RC May do more harm than good.

      Only thing I know is I’m addicted and dread the day it all comes to an end.

  5. Christopher MacMartin

    Just finished the Mountain Man series to date. Enjoyed every one including the prequel. Great characters and impressive writing style that holds your interest from start to finish. By far one of if not the best in the end of the world genre.Loo forward to MM6 release and will check out your other works. Thanks for the great adventure. I love a good series.

  6. Trey Miller

    Love Love Love the Mountain Man series! Just finished MM5 where it was left open for another book. Cannot wait!

  7. Saffron Roberts

    So excited!! You’re brilliant!!

    1. Keith

      I don’t think I’m brilliant but I am certain I’m made of marshmallow and caramel….

  8. Kelly

    I absolutely love your Mountain Man series and Breeds. I will whine and beg R. C. to squeeze in MM6. The audiobook is the only way I can enjoy them because I had a TBI a few years ago that made it so I can’t focus my eyesight so it is very hard to read almost anything. I really enjoy your writing style and I’m steadily adding more of your books to my Audible library.

    1. Keith

      He’ll be doing MM6, no worries about that. Drop me a line through this website….

  9. Matt


  10. Jim Miller

    The Mountain Man series has been the finest PA books I have read (sorry Nicholas Sansbury Smith and Josh Gayou). Just listened to MM5 again. Hate having to wait for MM6, but I will and pray R.C. Bray can find the time. There is only one Gus and it’s R.C Bray. Also, I might have missed something but is the Majestic 311 on audible? I can’t seem to find it.

    1. Keith

      RC does bring the bacon to a campfire, don’t he? And M311 will be available on July 28th…. RC is going to do a live event on FB, and he might be giving away free codes for the book. If you’re interested.

  11. Vivi souza

    When is book 6 coming out. 131 days?? I am going crazy waiting

    1. Keith

      Book 6 of MM? Ebook might around Halloween–audio should be early in 2021 if there are no hitches. Paperback should be a month after the ebook. 131 Days? I should get back to that one in 2021–had to refill the coffers before starting the next book as the series hasn’t been selling well.

      1. Pat delaney

        I loved the mountain man series, but 131 days is the best, don’t understand why it’s not been selling well at all, can’t wait to find out what’s become of pignot and the house of 10 !!!

        1. Keith

          I have some ideas as to why it’s not selling, but, anyway I’ll get back to it in 2021. I should still have that series done before George RR Martin finishes his…

  12. John

    Just listening g to book 4 now. Loving the series so far.

  13. Randy B

    Marshmallow and caramel are as close to brilliant as any human can get! You have won me over and plan to start Breeds whilst I wait MM6 !

  14. Joe

    I have to be honest, I just finished listening to MM5 on audible and when I found out that 6 wasn’t there yet I do believe I know exactly how John Wick felt when his puppy was killed…. and I absolutely agree that it HAS to be R.C Bray who narrates 6.

  15. Duncan Hull

    Awesome series, I wanted to pass it onto my mother, but not great at Internet, anyone know how or where I can get a hard copies please, thanking you in advance.

    1. Keith

      No hard copies, sorry, but Amazon does have the paperbacks. They print them as folks order them. Take a look at wherever you buy your books on Amazon, and there should be a button for paperbacks.

  16. Victoria Green

    I love this series. I loved Gus until I discovered the prequel. I’m still mad at him for causing Toby to die. But I enjoyed Scott and Tenner. I loved the Norse men sections. I’ve been listening to this series since I discovered it like 3 years ago I think. I don’t listen to much else. I really love Collie and Make me King. I hope we get back to the ninjas lol. I also feel like Gus became a scaredy cat. But I love the series. Especially the last hr and 45 minutes of book 3. I’m excited for the 6th book. I do wish we could have seen a few more characters outside of Molly Mart in the prequel. Or at least maybe have Gus end up in Anna’s company again. That’d be a twist. And I know his brother was the bad guy but I still think it’d be hilarious if the leader of the leather could randomly be his other brother or someone else he knows. And more kids. Kid zombies are the scariest. Thank you for the extreme entertainment. Literally only audiobook I listened to for years. I love it.

  17. Victoria Green

    Book 3 is my absolute favorite though

  18. Brandon

    Any chance your going to do another Missing Boatman? That’s the book i use to get people to try Audible… works everytime! Thanks for the hours of entertainment!

  19. John and Jay

    Love the MM series, my wife and I are hooked, love Gus and of course RC. Will look at Breeds and 131 later. But we’ll done for bringing so much to our lives, a big thank you

  20. joe

    Any word on Mountain Man 6???

    1. Keith

      January 12/2021…. ebook,audio, and hopefully paperback.

      1. Nick

        It’s January 12th

        1. Keith

          Sorry–the release date had to be pushed back due to RC getting sick. I announced it on FB a few weeks back but no sweat–new release date is March 9th, 2021.

  21. Michael

    Looking Forward to Reading Book 6.
    After reading all the other again of course!
    You can never read to much of the Mountain Man!
    Thank You Keith

  22. Glenn

    Been away for awhile – buckling in and starting on 6 today.

    Merry Christmas –

  23. Glenn

    Yow..I mean 5. Silly me.

  24. Constant kid

    Just seen the new book available for pre-order on Audible.
    I’m an adult, I have a full-time job, a house, kids, studies… I have grown up responsibilities.
    I did not act very grown up when I saw MM6 was available to purchase.
    I am not adulting today.

    1. Keith

      I’m adulting today.

      But only until 6pm.

  25. Tom

    I got drunk, as gus would, and it reminded me of that incredible character.. so after a short Google.. my god am I happy to know there’s another on the way. I know at one point you were looking to leave the legendary mountain Man behind. I am so glad you haven’t. Cannot wait to give this a read. Thank you for creating this journey

  26. Nicole J

    Mr Blackmore!
    Thank you for continuing the mountain man series! I love Gus! Has there been anymore thought to a TV Series? I think Netflix would do it the justice it deserves.

    1. Keith

      There are powers still working on it. Covid slowed eveything down unfortunately, but maybe in the new year things will get moving again, and maybe even pick up pace. We’ll see….

      1. Jacqueline Razza

        I’m not really interested in the Netflix/tv stuff as I enjoy the book format. I’ve enjoyed them all. I’m just wondering if MM6 is the last in the series?

        1. Keith

          It was finished, but left open, in case 4 or 5 years down the line I wanted to do another. People seem to want another one, but I don’t have an idea just yet. So we’ll see…

  27. Holly McGowan

    Just finished the mountain man series. I absolutely loved it. Hands down the best zombie series on the market. Desperately hoping there will be a book 7 eventually. Going to go check out other series of yours.

  28. Brad

    Being a Painter and Decorator as occupation is formally known here in Australia I got more personally involved with Gus and his world more than other listens…..great books too enjoy whilst smashing out walls and doors particularly first part of prequel lol…..Toby what a bogan
    Also found the superb storytelling in regards too location and settings immensely interesting you must really love your great Commonwealth as can see you’ve traversed it far and wide…..gave me a great cultural and logistical insight into the people and landscape
    Got me thinking of maybe someone down here stepping up and writing a PA epic set in Canada’s polar(no pun intended) opposite in so many ways…..Australia
    Can Gus come here?……He would fkn love it EH

    1. Keith

      He probably would lol. Glad you liked the books 🙂

  29. Alejandro

    Man , i chew those books one after another , i cant get enough of Gus . im halfway of Mindless…just wishing Gus wont die so i can have another book on audible.

    Excellent books man . thank you so much . greetings from Iceland.

    1. Keith

      Thank you Alejandro! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the books.

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