MM3 is with the editor now,  a little bit of a delay there, but it’s in the wringer.

Had a cover for the book:













But discovered that Mark Tufo had already used the same image for his Riley story

That’s the risk with using stock imagery. So, I’ve contacted another artist and he’s working on a new original cover. Hopefully it’ll be ready in the next few weeks, and we’re still on course for a “around Christmas” release.

Book 2 of 131 Days:Ten is in the wings, and awaiting a second draft before it goes to the editor.

Working on book 2 of an unnamed He-Dog novel, where he and Chop find work with a group of mercenary treasure hunters.

Then it’s the next project, which I’m mulling about. They’re all good stories (well, I think so anyway) but I’m just not sure where to start. This is what I’m choosing from:

Book 3 of 131 Days.

Book 2 of The Troll Hunter

New horror story (involves angels and demons/minions)

MM4 (Got some new research info handed to me, so I’m actually kinda favouring this one, which will have the return of  Gus.)

Werewolf story (might be novella sized)

Bear extended edition (the ninja who gets captured by a bunch of aliens). The main issue most folks had with the novella was that it was too short, and not enough background info on Kazaka. This one’s been sitting around in my head for a while now, and I have a story there, which will mostly take place at the beginning of the novella… perhaps another 5-15K of material. The problem is…. there’s no real addition to the second part, where he gets abducted, and it’s been suggested that the sooner Kazaka gets on the alien ship the better. So… I vacillate on this one.

Vampire story. Nothing new here, but I have the character in my head… and the guy won’t go away. I think this one is probably the most furthest from being done, but (shrugs) who knows. If I get the urge to write about vampires, it’ll be a fresh new document pretty soon.


And that’s that. I have a few short stories in mind, but because of the weak showing of Cauldron Gristle, I’m hesitant to even bother. I think these will be “in-between” stories, and if I get enough  of them, I’ll pack them up and put them out there.

So, if you have any idea on what you’d like to see next after He-Dog 2 (first draft should be done by Christmas, I hope), let me know.


I’ll go with demand…









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  1. jennifer

    My humble vote is for MM4….my granny always said “why fix it if it isn’t broke!”….you have a wonderfully dark and richly visual story…keep running with it! We love it!

  2. Dave

    My vote is MM4 for your next Project. I’m a big fan of the series.

  3. Griffin Hayes

    Hey Keith,

    Congrats on the eminent MM3 release. Sorry to hear about the cover snafu. That is a danger with stock images unless they’re really manipulated. I also think the composition on Mark’s cover was a bit stronger. Either way, I know it’ll all work out in the end.

    As far my vote for your next book, I’ll email you my opinion. 😉


  4. Jim

    My vote is a tie between MM4 and Troll Hunter 2. Either would have me buying in an instant.

  5. Page

    HELLIFAX can’t get here soon enough, any timeframe yet?

    1. Keith


      It’s with the second and final proofreader now, so I hope to have it by Friday. Then it’s another quick check or two, and then off to the formatter. I’m not sure exactly when he’ll be finished (it is Christmas after all) but, I think it’ll make the “around Christmas” mark, give or take a day or two.

      Only hope you like it.

      Thanks for your interest! :o)

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