Pure Escapism– The Spear of Destiny

I first read Jason’s Sword and Sorcery collection “In Savage Lands” and I knew then that Robert E Howard himself would be pleased. I waited for a full fantasy novel then, watched the listings, and finally decided to purchase “The Spear of Destiny” to tie me over until Jason could get to and complete what I really wanted to read.



“Spear of Destiny” was there all along, and right before my eyes. To think I waited this long… (shakes head).

There’s magic in this book–in Thummel’s exceptional style of storytelling, his characterizations, his dialogue, and action sequences. There’s also *magic* in this book, and I was reminded of “Constantine.” Lance Chambers fends off Nazi zombies, their diabolical controllers, black sorcery, and corporate goons all contesting for the relic that is the Spear of Destiny. Lance is something of a smart ass operator, getting by on a little protective black magic bestowed upon him by a hired back street sorcerer, and finds himself in a world of undead when he’s hired to travel to Brazil to find a missing couple. I lusted after the exquisitely described Isabel Mao De Ferro, felt genuine concern for the relationship of Lance and his employee Samantha, and overall felt the same rush as if I’d watched “Raiders of the Lost Ark” for the very first time.

Read this in 2.5 days.

And now I’m back waiting for the next one….  Wurple Pluck!



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