I’ll be Removing “131 Days” from KU Around the End of August.



You might ask why? You just put them in the program.


Here’s why, and I’ll let David explain it, cause he does it better:


Get all that?


I’m removing my three book offering from KU (that’s ‘Kindle Unlimited’, Amazon’s subscription service) not only because of practices outlined in David’s article, but because KU is vulnerable to being manipulated in such a manner, and that the KU banner/program has been (or will be) tarnished because of it. I think that honest, hard-working writers are not getting their rightful cut of a predetermined cash pot, that their earnings are being diminished by people successfully manipulating the program for quick returns.


Unless Amazon acts to crack down on such tactics by scammers, the once perceived advantage of KU’s promotional boost doesn’t seem worth it.


Until then, I don’t want any of my books associated with such a program.


Note–I’m just taking those three books out of the subscription service known as Kindle Unlimited. Not Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Platform, which allows me to sell my work to you. You can still buy and read my books from Amazon, you just won’t be able to get them through the subscription service. No worries there.

If you’re not sure what Kindle Unlimited is, you probably aren’t a member.




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    Big fan of you and your books. Read and purchased everyone of them on audible. Don’t know if that is a solution but I’m thinking it may be. I would definitely buy your books on audible. Just a friendly suggestion.

    1. Keith

      I’m not sure it’s a solution either, but it’s a step. Maybe if Amazon cracks down on the scammers, I might very well return. But not right now, knowing what I know.

  2. Paul

    Hi Keith,
    Ive bought 6 of your book on audio.

    I guess your books are not available hd and 1st signed by you.
    my books are all horror books mostly from Stephen King and Joseph Hillstrom King books,
    are any of your other books going to audio.

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